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Thoughts of Bduhmana:  “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at them.” David Brinkley might have said it, but each and every one of these teams has a reason to pick up those bricks and begin laying down the foundation of winning in order to find a playoff spot. As the Gauntlet approaches, only three teams will be able to brick it out for the final position. Or who knows, maybe they pick up all the flack that has been thrown their way this season and they start throwing it back. Who said you need to build a foundation when you can just crumble the one someone else has already built? Maybe these teams will do just that as they are not just fighting each other for a playoff spot-but proving to those who have one that they never deserved to be here in the first place. Let the bricks fall where they may, but here is where I think they might end up once they are chucked.


Your Order Division Teams:


Illumination Spectrum

DoV eSports Rocket 

Late Stage Capitalism

KRG Tempest

Arctic Gaming Esports


Feed the Dream Black

Poro Snaccs





Sixth Place: !Rawr (3-6, 1- Spot)


Rawr’s explosive nature, and ever changing roster, seems to have been part of the reason they have arrived in the Gauntlet. That being said, this same reason is how they can fight their way out and solidify a playoff spot. When !Rawr wants to, they know how to pull together as a cohesive unit and utilize all their instinctual need to blow everything up to their advantage-which they will need to do against a team they have lost to this season, as well as a team they have already beaten once. Maybe this was all in the grand master doki plan from the start: drop down in the standings, and then take out the teams there in order to get ideal placement in playoffs. That’s a possible thing, right? Or maybe they inted a bit, and will show up with their Summoners ready and at hand-because who needs flash if you are planning to all-in (not this team)…


Player to Watch:  Zyrah Ascend


I have noticed that if Zyrah has the chance to support the team with a strong midlane that gets a carry ahead, the team becomes unstoppable. Maybe this means the secret need for a clearer voice around how to use their strengths to win could lie within, and Zyrah can help their team ascend to victory. 






Sixth Place:  Poro Snaccs (3-6, 0 spots)


There was that brief surge of domination when they back to back won against both KRG and !Rawr, and it looked like their hard work and effort paid off. However, that has been the last of their wins and it appears that the Poro Snaccs of the old-with missing synergy, rotating roster are starting to creep back in. If Poro Snaccs will need to prove they have more than just skill and talent on the roster if they plan to re-beat !Rawr and takeout Feed The Dream Black if they are going to be a team that others look at if they can make it to playoffs. It isn’t that they can’t-there is a stream to prove this roster has exactly what it needs to beat most of the teams in the league, but when does coulds and shoulds become wills? It will have to come within, and together as a team, if they are to find their chance at a playoff spot. Or maybe they do the opposite-maybe they solo q their lives away and play the best damn game of league of legends each of them can and prove that every one of them has talent and will prove they had it all along. Only they have the power to set themselves up for either.

Player To Watch:  ???


Every single starter has been subbed out, every single carry has carried at least once, and each of the Poros that show up on the stage have shown they all have one thing in common-they have drive. They will need that if they plan to show up to two Bo1 and prove they can overcome anyone else in their lane. Or, who knows, maybe they will think outside the lane and start thinking about how they can uplift each other-It’s been done a few times this season already, and it seems to be how they secure wins. Maybe that is the Poros that show up, maybe not-but all eyes will be on their Rawr game, because they show up for blood and might have a score to settle.




Eighth Place:  Feed The Dream Black (3-2-2, -2 spots)


With the recent forfeit, it makes it hard to know how to place this team. There is so much potential on the roster, and there have been decisive victories over teams that most teams in this division cannot even come close to touching. That being said, there seems to be something happening within, and the only way they are going to push passed this Gauntlet is if they can pool a roster together and get on the Rift-even if just one last time or two-for old times sake, for friendship–Hell, for Demacia! Do it for Demacia, FTD. Do. It. For. Demacia. Garen would…


Player To Watch: 


Some pro player in LCS said something like being able to carry from behind is often frowned upon, and in a meta where getting early leads in lane can quickly allow snowballing of games, this carry is the player is the one to watch for !Rawr. When Jdogish is ahead, the Rift is a scary place to be for any foe in his way. Now Jdogish will have to prove he can also carry from behind with playoffs coming, because bo5 are a lot longer, more grueling, and a testament to a carry’s mindset. There is no mistaking that this is a god among carries, but will he also defeat other gods in KRG and DoV in order to remain on top?


Sixth Place: Feed the Dream Black  (3, 2, 1 +1 Spots)


Feed the Dream is back, and I am hyped! With a three-way tie in sixth place, and only mere points separating this tier from 5th and 3rd place, all these teams have a chance to secure playoffs-but Feed the Dream will have their work cut out for them as they face off Team Darkness in the Chaos Division. With a 7-0 record showing in that division, this will be a chance for them to once again prove they have what it takes to take down top tier teams…


Player To Watch: Monkey With Guns


I just want to see this Monkey get his time to shine on the rift-give him a gun and a chance to run this Gauntlet–pretty pretty PRETTY please?!