ZGG’s Yasogami Platinum League Week Two Power Rankings


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Thoughts of Bduhmana:  With Week Two about to begin, the Yasogami division is starting to show just what they are made of! Carl Jung said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Transformations within a competitive environment can turn a good team into a better team, and a better team into the best team. With a lot of returning teams in this division, it will be interesting to see just how the division overall plays out. It gives a chance for the new teams to prove themselves, as well as an opportunity for previous teams to dominate in new ways. This week’s article with include your order of team standings, and then the power rankings might shift a tad based on where I think these teams might actually fall in the power rankings. It will be up to the teams to prove me right or wrong. And, with that, we begin our power rankings!


Your Platinum League Teams in order of Standings:


Crosspoint Origin 

Inner Logic 

Imperial Gaming

Goon Squad Epsilon

Infernal Flame

OTA Storm

PacaPaul & Pacapauls




 Third Place: Imperial Gaming

Imperial Gaming beat PacaPaul & the Pacapauls 2-0 in week one, and find themselves sitting comfortably atop the S-Tier for week two. This may be a bit of a biased approach, since they are tied with three other teams and it is only week two, but I see a lot of the same faces that have proven they can carry Imperial Gaming to victories. They get the chance to continue to prove me right by taking on Good Squad Epsilon-a team that isn’t new to ZGG in other elos, and is already making a name for themselves in platinum league. Both teams have a similar story, where gold players proved themselves a season before by beating out teams within the platinum league. Azurexfire said, “IG is back and ready to take the crown. Bringing some fresh faces in the bot lane, including the Legendary Nezumi from ODL, this looks like one of the strongest iterations yet. Led by the core of Azure, Zmagz, and Sibel, IG will be playing to show everyone that we have the stuff.” If Imperial Gaming  already has a whole season of beating other platinum players under their belt, and are ready to take the crown this season, it is that experience and drive that has me placing them in S-Tier for now. Only they can keep themselves here.


Player to Watch:  zmagz

It was actually quite tough for me to pick a player to watch for Imperial this week, because there were a few strong contenders. With them going against a team that just showed their jungler knows how to create win conditions and pressure for their team-and even put up strong numbers when they lose. If zmagz can rely on their experience and synergy to outplay this new jungler on the Rift, then this team will have no problem keeping their S-Tier status and I can look at the other two players that were on my mind for next week…


First Place: Crosspoint Origin 

With four teams sitting with wins in week one, overall placement from first to fourth gets a bit hazy. That being said, Crosspoint Origin beat out DoV Rocket 2-1 and showed they are still one of the strongest teams across both divisions of the plat league. Guster Posey said, “Crosspoint has always been about a group of friends that get together to play, and almost 2 years later that is still the case. Week 1 was a fun time for us, even though our drafts were a bit interesting and chaotic. We came through and it’s always nice to get revenge on the people who beat us in previous playoffs, especially when they’re the defending champions. We’re looking forward to a season of knowledge enhancing games that will help us improve each week in the tourney and hopefully end the crosspoint curse of not making it through a playoff series. Our current roster consists of SgtRoebuck-the measuring stick himself as our top laner, Guster Posey aka Smite Exe who always pulls off the crazy smite plays, Sir Envyy (former worst mid ZGG) the 2v1ing middlesticks man himself, and Furdi/Aero Xross as the dynamic duo of bot lane. Together its always a good time regardless of the result of the matches. We’re looking forward to a great tourney ahead of us, always looking for innovative ways to improve with new champ picks, playstyles, and better team coordination.” When you have been playing with a lot of the same players across this long of a time span, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and keep them in the S-Tier until other teams prove me wrong. Because consistency, synergy, and skill are all a part of this team’s everyday. Now they get a chance to prove it by beating a team who is also tied with them in the standings for their own division.


Player To Watch:  SgtRoebuck

SgtRoebuck showed he is a key player for this team’s success-both by their wins in games 1 and 3 and by their loss in game 2. If SgtRoebuck can take this advantage against the new Pacas on the block, then this can unlock Posey to help secure win conditions in other lanes and take over map control for objectives and midgame leads. Afterall, this team expects to do well and this week will be the opportunity to continue that level of domination and success through who they consider to be the measuring stick of their success. Let’s keep the bar set high and climb.




Fourth Place: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon has shown up in week one with a strong 2-1 performance against Infernal Flame. Fury’s confidence showed when he said, “Epsilon is the newest addition to the Goon Squad Gaming organization, implementing 2 members from Omega who made it their mission to climb out of gold. Captained by ThEpiChampion who is definitely the all-rounder of the team, supported by the most veteran of the org CuddleMeBennet and coached by Fury, we’re looking to cement ourselves as a top team in ZGG. Even though we are a newer team brought together only a couple of weeks before the start of ZGG, everyone has their own voice, and we definitely have the synergy of a team that’s been together for a lot longer. Every person on this team is an impact player that can turn the tide of any game in their favor and knows what champs to play to make a great draft. We’re currently looked at as one of the top teams and we aim to keep it that way.” By confidently providing these Omega members a chance to prove themselves in the platinum league, I will excitedly have my eye on just how this team performs the rest of the season. I love a good storyline that says, ‘we don’t care if you have been here before, because we will show you who belongs on top.’


Player to Watch: barnabas collins

Similar to Imperial Gaming’s player to watch, I have my eyes on this new jungler because of just how well this player played in week one. With two perfect KDA games, as well as unlocking a disgusting carry performance by their midlaner, I will be looking to see how he can set up their jg/mid synergy against a team that is known for a strong jg/mid synergy. If they want to climb to S-Tier, this is the perfect game to prove it because it will come down to which duo can do it better.

Second Place: Inner Logic 

Another new face in ZGG comes away with a 2-0 performance against OTA Storm in week one. That being said, this “new team” doesn’t have new faces, and those players from last season certainly showed up to dominate. Their captain said, “Inner Logic: After going through a rebuilding process in the off season, everyone on the team is approaching each match with respect and confidence. We are here to win as much as we possibly can. Our goal is the championship and we’ll do everything we can to obtain it.” With their vision set upon the championship, they are showing up each series with the intent to prove they can ensure themselves a spot in playoffs. They get a chance to do just that again this week as they take on Infernal Flame.


Players To Watch: Beread and Monkey with Guns

Again, this team had a couple of players to watch on my mind, but I am sticking with Beread and Monkey with Guns as my players to watch this week. This botlane duo showed two different playstyles, and one of them is absolutely disgusting. I would even argue they won game one in prodraft by allowing such a dominating teamfight comp to go into the capable hands of this team. If Beread and Monkey with Guns can continue to dominate during lane phase, then this will be a chance for them to climb into S-Tier…




Fifth Place: Infernal Flame

With Infernal Flame losing 1-2 against GSG Epsilon, they find themselves at the top of the B-Tier despite being  tied with OTA and PacaPaul because they were able to secure a win that shows they have the potential to climb. LSNCeid says, “Nothing really, competitive team really trying to get into amateur league. Been playing together for a while half a year. Personally, [I] don’t really know what to expect, but hopefully we can make it into [the] playoffs.” As the team navigates a new environment, they have a chance to learn valuable information from each series in order to meet their goal of making playoffs this split. I will be looking to see how they improve, and that comes down to the resilience and growth-strength mindset in both wins and losses in order to do achieve it. If they can take out Inner Logic, they can show just that.


Player To Watch: Calibruh and Krypt099

This botlane duo showed they have the capability to carry in game two against GSG, and there wasn’t any bans in any of the games this series towards them even though they proved they can carry. If this botlane can take on the strength of the IL botlane, and are given the necessary resources to succeed, then they have a very strong chance of building themselves into a team that needs to be respected. I am excited to see how this matchup turns out. 


Sixth Place: OTA Storm

OTA Storm took an 0-2 loss against Inner Logic, and find themselves tied in the B-Tier. As a newer team to the ZGG platinum league, they have an opportunity to learn and grow throughout the start of the season in order to ensure themselves a spot for playoffs. A loss in week one is not the same as a loss in week seven, so there is plenty of room for growth. Their captain said, “OTA Storm is a fairly new team, and this is actually our first league as a team. We are just a group of online friends who decided ‘Hey, let’s make a team.’ And that was what happened. Everyone on the team has played on others before, and this team is comprised of the old members of OTA. Of course we hope to do the best. Though, this is really just a way for us to improve as a team, and we have done a lot of improving in a short amount of time. We had a rough first game, but I expect that we will only do better from here on out.” With their goal to improve as a team combined with their hopes to be among the best, they have a chance to prove they are learning from week one by taking out Glacial Knights from the Gekkou division. 


Player To Watch: Chad Monkey

Their team may have lost against Inner Logic, but Chad Monkey put up quite a fight in week one, and is my player to watch for this week. If they can use their strong stats and translate that into win conditions for other lanes, this is how I think OTA can actualize their goals of improving and winning. It is clear Chad Monkey can carry games through the jungle, and now it will be up to Chad to take that strength and put it into their strongest carryable lane(s).


Seventh Place: PacaPaul & Pacapauls

After losing 0-2 to Imperial Gaming, this new team of pacas and pauls are tied with a few other teams in the B-Tier. It is hard to flat out say they are in seventh place like it says on paper, because they did take on an experienced team that has shown consistent results in seasons prior for ZGG. This is promising for the pacas (or is it the pauls?), because there is only one way to go up from here! Their captain said, “We’re PacaPaul and the PacaPals, our team is based from the Literal Monkeys organization. Our team was formed for fun between some friends and I-who are a part of the LTMK community. Our hopes for this year are to be [as] competitive as possible while still enjoying playing as a group, so hopefully you’ll see our team in [the] playoffs at the end of the season.” They get their chance to start the climb up in the standings this week when they take on Crosspoint Origin. If they can beat a team that is currently sitting comfortably atop the power rankings, then they can show they know how to improve and turn their losses into victories.


Player To Watch: Wunderworld

Wunderworld is my player to watch this week for two reasons. Firstly, they put up the strongest statistical performance agains Imperial and showed they can still be a carry against a strong opponent. Secondly, they are up against Crosspoint Origin-who has a consistent midlaner. If Wunderworld can utilize their carry potential, receive the necessary resources from jungle and support during the lane phase, I think this could be how they take their wins in this series.


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