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ZGG Week 3 Royal Power Rankings by Tanner

Welcome all to the week three power rankings. I have decided I think that a late release on the day of games is definitely more hype for all of you and gives me time to react to any roster changes from the past week. I definitely am not just procrastinating and am busy during the week. Either way, I hope you all enjoy the article and wish you all the best of luck in your week three matchups I truly do. Please prove my power rankings wrong and give me something interesting to write about in next week’s article. Good luck all of you and I hope you all find perfect KDA’s and 10 cs/minute in your games. Yours truly, Tanner.

1. Oasis Nimbus

In Memorial: Oasis Nimbus came into week two as the number two team in Royal with a matchup against number one seeded team, League of Dolphins, on the cards for them. Being one of the first matchups of two teams I expect to be pretty good, this was a matchup I had my eye on going into the week. After a close game blown open by one late game teamfight and a second, more convincing game, Oasis delivered a 2-0 victory over top dog LoD. With excellent performances out of bot laner Isolde and jungler ParadigmShift as well as sleeper dark horse for the team in Cap in the top lane, this team is looking well rounded already and proven against multiple top teams landing themselves at the top of this week’s power rankings.

Future Prospects: Oasis has put up a very good start to their season thus far and with wins against expected powerhouse MG Nitro in week one and against other powerhouse League of Dolphins in week two. Sadly, for them, they get to play in yet another match that has huge implications for the top of the power rankings in week three as they find themselves matched up against Hyperion Updraft. Given Hyperion’s style thus far into the season of taking over in mid-late game teamfights, this week I have my eyes on bot laner Isolde to repeat his performances of last as well as new mid laner Ball Slap to come in and make a name for themself on this team and to find advantages in teamfights as the game approaches 30 minutes.

2. Hyperion Updraft

In Memorial: After being ranked third in last week’s power rankings, Hyperion Updraft had already started to make a name for themselves as they came into week one with a strong roster and came out of week one with a solid 2-0 victory on the books. After another solid 2-0 victory for Hyperion against another solid team in Flash 2 Harass and League of Dolphins getting toppled by Oasis, it would be hard to make an argument that this team is not deserving neither of being ranked second in Royal going into week three. With two solid wins against a team that I think is gonna be the dark horse of this division, Hyperion collect a nice 2-0 record on the table after two games defined by Hyperion having a monopoly on late game teamfights and are looking good going into week three.

Future Prospects: Hyperion is putting up a strong performance so far this split after a strong victory over Abyssal Asphalt in week one followed by a well-deserved win over Flash 2 Harass in week two. For Hyperion, week three is the time to prove anyone who still had reservations about this team wrong as they face off against another early season titan in Oasis Nimbus. Hyperion came into the season hungry to make their name known and I am yet to think that hunger has been quenched so this week three face off is something I am very adamantly looking forward to. For this matchup, I will be watching the mid laner Zoe Exotic as well as bot lane duo of Atilla and KillaTron 100 for the side of Hyperion. Both teams have heavy hitters in these lanes and for Hyperion it will come down to how well they stack up against the side of Oasis and how well they can carry their team in the late game teamfights both of these teams have been shown to play towards.

3. Imperial Gaming

In Memorial: Imperial Gaming, after week one, looked pretty solid in their one game we saw them play. I challenged them to keep that performance going through week two and beyond and show us they’re the same team we know and love from last season, despite the change up in the bot lane. Imperial went on and decided to use Anonymous Esports as their punching bag and demolished their opposition in two of the most dominant games we’ve seen all split from any team. Not only that, but they won through different win conditions each game as well with the first game seeing Seals and The North Wolf run through the top side of the map and game two having the hard carry come out of the bot lane with an excellent performance out of Velos and RIN. This team is definitely one of the strongest in the league and after seeing this performance, I want to see what they can do against one of the stronger teams in Royal in their weeks to come.

Future Prospects: Week three is shaping up to be one of the most exciting weeks of the entire season. We have already talked about the Oasis versus Hyperion matchup. Now we also get to talk about the matchup between Imperial Gaming and League of Dolphins. With how dominant Imperial have been looking, this can be a huge week for them in terms of power rankings as I am almost inclined to think about jumping them up to first going into week four if they can body LoD the same way they did EXNOL and Anonymous. Regardless of the power ranking implications, this is still one of the biggest matchups for this Imperial lineup and should prove to be one of their most difficult weeks looking back at the season come playoffs. With such a difficult matchup on the card, I will be looking for Seals to once again lead this team to a win in week three. Seals has had a huge hand in the outcome of this team’s games thus far in the season with insane level of impact on the map in all three games and if Imperial are to improve to a 3-0 record, I am confident Seals will play a big part in doing so.

4. League of Dolphins

In Memorial: Going into week two, League of Dolphins looked very strong after delivering a 2-0 victory over Flash 2 Harass. However, the momentum from coming into the split on a high note proved to not be enough to propel the team over Oasis Nimbus in week two. The team still showed solid signs and made the series interesting with a close game one determined by 200 years in the later portions of the game. BestSupportMain seemed like an especially bright spot for the team as the new addition and someone I had my eye on going into the week and I am glad to say he seems like a good fit and should add extra carry threat against any team they face off against moving forward into the season and I expect them to still be fighting for a top spot going into the playoffs.

Future Prospects: With week three being the most exciting week of the regular season in my eyes, we get to see this League of Dolphins team face off against fellow powerhouse Imperial Gaming. After week two, this League of Dolphins team should be itching for another chance to get back on the rift and remind people why they should be afraid of the name LoD. Imperial Gaming is just the match they need this week to show the league just how strong they are and begin their climb back to the top. In my eyes, a team’s season does not start until after their first loss. What I want to see from a team is not how long they can remain undefeated, but how they react to opposition and defeat. Do they call it quits, go back to the drawing board, and start anew with the hopes of keeping the streak alive longer this time, or do they go back to the drawing board, adapt as a unit, and come our stronger later in the season? League of Dolphins’ season starts now. You have tasted defeat as a team and I bet it did not taste too good. I want to see how LoD responds to that defeat and not if but how they bring it to Imperial this week. I have my eyes again on veteran, carry mid laner BestSupportMain in this next week as well as who I believe to be in the upper echelon of junglers in our league, Revan Storm, to rally this team going into week three. Growth is more than a one-step process. With that said, more than anything, I want to see growth from this team more than anything. I believe this team will be a strong force going into playoffs and I want to see weekly growth leading to that point far more than numbers on a scoreboard.

5. Flash 2 Harass

In Memorial: This placement is probably gonna give me the most flack but I am sticking to it. For a team coming into week three with a 0-2 record, Flash 2 Harass looks very very scary. As I have mentioned earlier, this team is my dark horse of Royal and a team I expect to put up good performances. On top of that, this team has had what I believe to be one of the hardest schedules possible for their first two weeks as they had to play League of Dolphins in week one and Hyperion Updraft in week two. Not only did they have a difficult two-week schedule in the first two weeks, but they also put up a big fight against both teams taking a gold lead into the late game in both games against Hyperion last week. Although Hyperion came out on top in both games through a few key teamfights, Flash 2 Harass definitely gave them a run for their money with a huge performance out of bot laner Warning Shots in particular. With such strong losses so far in the season, I would not be surprised if this team started to prove my ranking of them justified in the weeks to come.

Future Prospects: Speaking of weeks to come, this week Flash 2 Harass find themselves across the rift from EXNOL. With Flash 2 Harass yet to pick up a win so far in the season, they should be extremely hungry to try and find a win when given the chance. In their first matchup against a non-powerhouse here in week three, I expect Flash 2 Harass to come out the gate ruthless for a win over EXNOL. I will be watching to see how Warning Shots does here in week three as they seem to be a strong force on the side of Flash 2 Harass. I will also be looking towards their jungler ayngenetics for a strong performance here in week three. I think Flash 2 Harass has very strong laners and one of the better junglers in Royal as a whole and should surprise a lot of teams if they are not ready for this F2H lineup, and could easily surprise EXNOL in this week three matchup.

6. DoV Chaos

In Memorial: DoV Chaos came into week two poised to make their way up the standings however after falling to Abyssal Asphalt in the closest series we have had so far in Royal, they come out of week two still yearning, unsatisfied, for their chance to rocket up the power rankings. DoV’s week two matchup against Abyssal Asphalt was honestly really exciting and going into it I really did not think it would be. However, sadly for DoV, the tables were turned as DoV were the ones getting upset after being the underdog pulling out so many wins last split. DoV took game one in almost 45 minutes after a very close game leading to Abyssal Asphalt cracking the game open only for DoV to respond with a few key picks to close out the game. In the other two games of the series, things did not go as well for the side of DoV Chaos as Abyssal Asphalt were able to reverse sweep DoV, giving DoV their first loss on the season. Despite falling in week two, we still were treated to another excellent showing from Bluedit proving he still is just as strong as ever, no matter how many bans are thrown his way, as well as a strong performance from jungler sonicabs who should get more credit for his work on the team.

Future Prospects: While they failed to come out of week two with a victory, DoV will be looking to bounce back in week three against what I will call one of our new teams here in week three in BARF Bravo. DoV have, to much surprise, not switched their support thus far in the season and will look to grow with the roster they have as we progress towards the middle of the season. Just as I discussed with League of Dolphins, the same sentiment about growth holds true for this DoV team. This team is used to being the underdog and are comfortable with the title after last season so I am not worried about whether or not this team will come together for a strong playoff run. I do, however, want to see how they move forward after their first game and series loss of the season going into week three. Once again, I will be watching for the Dolphn Bros. in the mid and bot lane to propel this team past the newer BARF squad this week. I will also be watching to see if sonicabs can continue his strong performances of late as we continue through the season.

7. Abyssal Asphalt

In Memorial: Last week I discussed wanting to see growth in the right direction for Abyssal Asphalt. I wanted to see them get to work with what they had and grow as a unit. They seemed to have done a lot of growing in the days from week one to week two as they came in and surprised both myself and DoV Chaos in their week two matchup taking the series 2-1 in a reverse sweep. After falling susceptible to a few picks to end game one in DoV’s favor, Abyssal showed their resiliency and rallied in game two and three, doing so first in-game during game two as they surmounted a huge gold deficit and then in the series as they closed out a clean, steady game three against DoV. Abyssal Asphalt is looking like they can make waves if they can continue to have good showings in every role like they did last week.

Future Prospects: With DoV behind them, this week Abyssal Asphalt find themselves against Anonymous Esports for their third matchup of the season. Going forward with the season, I have high hopes for this Abyssal Asphalt team, especially if they can grow on what they did last week. Given that it was only one week, I was hesitant to move them further up the standings but a good week three can easily change that. This week, I want to see consistency from the side of Abyssal Asphalt in their next matchup. I want to see them continue the growing form they showed us in week two and continue to grow into week three. Against Anonymous, I will be watching Jojo Void in the top lane to put up another good performance for the team as well as jungler RoundingRoss, who I thought played well in week one despite the loss and proved his strength in their wins against DoV in week two. If the team plays like they did in week two and continue to improve from that point, I am excited to see who they can surprise as the season goes on.

8. Anonymous Esports

In Memorial: Anonymous Esports came into the season as an unknown commodity. After two weeks, however, they still have yet to really establish an identity for themselves as they fall again in week two to Imperial Gaming, who is, granted, one of the top teams in all of Royal and that should be noted. After two rough weeks for Anonymous, they are still left wanting to prove they can be a force to be reckoned with in Anonymous and it should not be taken away that their first two matchups were against two very veteran teams in both DoV and Imperial, the two teams that are almost unchanged from last season of ZGG.

Future Prospects: Going into week two, I wanted to see iHF, the mid laner and captain for Anonymous Esports, help make something happen for this team as well as their jungler make some advantages happen early. While we did not see that happen in week two, I still believe these are the first steps towards improvement for this squad. A good first step would be to try and find some advantages early on in their games and try and find a strong lane to play around which could come out of top or bot lane as well. In their next matchup, Anonymous find themselves against a surging Abyssal Asphalt. Especially in this matchup, with Abyssal Asphalt playing so heavily around their own jungler, I will be watching to see how Anonymous plays around tet in the jungle. They have yet to have very strong objective control early so I would be pleased to see that be a focus as well for this week. Overall, I want to see some more sparks of hope for this team like we did in week one and I am hoping they can pick themselves up and find a spark to light a fire under them.


In Memorial: EXNOL this past week were able to pick up a win over the old MG Nitro lineup who have since left the league to be replaced by BARF Bravo. Alongside their win, EXNOL also replaced three of their players and role swapped one of the two remaining players on the team. In my eyes, this means the team is essentially starting over with a new player in four of the five starting roles for the team. Given that it is a new team, I do not know what to expect from them, which is a main reason as to why I did not write power rankings going into week one. The only difference now with a new team, is that they are starting two weeks behind the rest of the competition, which has already proven themselves to some extent. This team, however, did have a very good win over MG Nitro and hopefully for them, the players staying on this new and improved roster will be able to carry that momentum forward through the rest of the season.

Future Prospects: Without much to go on for this newer team, I am really excited to see how they will perform in what is essentially their first week of play in the season. The season is still quite young and with a 1-1 record to start, this team is by no means out of the running at all, especially with a lot of other teams looking as though they are also going to scale into the later portions of the season. In week three, EXNOL faces off against Flash 2 Harass who are, in my opinion, one of the stronger teams in the league. For EXNOL to put up a good showing against F2H, I will be watching for captain Chefboi69 and returning mid laner Glub Glub to rally this new team to a strong start in the league. This is another team I want to see grow going into the mid-season more than anything.

10. BARF Bravo

In Memorial: MG Nitro, now BARF Bravo, come into week three with a new player in every role and only one player staying on the team after the switch. With a new lineup, a new captain, and a new coach, this team has a lot of potential for the rest of the season but they are gonna have an uphill battle moving forward. They have a 0-2 record to start the season and a lot of tough opponents left to play but they still have a lot of time start their climb back to the top.

Future Prospects: With a new team also means a new start, new mental, new momentum as they reenter the honeymoon phase. With a week three matchup against DoV Chaos on the cards, they could get their opportunity to prove their power in the league here in their first week. Like most growing teams, I will be watching to see how the synergy of this team can start to come together as the season continues to develop going into the mid-season. In this week in particular, I will be watching Weeb Boi as he makes his return to the top lane to show the teams of Royal why he won the championship last season.

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