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ZGG Gekkou’s Week 4 Platinum Power Rankings

All of my statements are my opinions, they do not reflect the thoughts of Zero Gravity Gaming as a whole, community or staff. Zero Gravity believes in the ability of community driven content and so I produce this content for the enjoyment of the community. If you have any opinions or requests, you can contact Bduhmana on Discord at bduhmana#1590. 

Thoughts of Bduhmana:  Week Four of Gekkou is here, and there is a brink of destiny starting to shine. Jules Verne said, “Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together. Throw two planets into space, and they will fall one on the other. Place two enemies in the midst of a crowd, and they will inevitably meet; it is a fatality, a question of time; that is all.” This is no different for week four, as our teams start to emerge and rise while others collide and crash-who we find may not have been who you may expect, and yet each team will continue to fight for their chance to be the best, beat the best, or best them like the rest.


Your Platinum League Teams in order of Standings:

Monster Mash  

!Rawr Lethal

VBU Plat

League of Dolphinz 

Glacial Knights

DoV Rocket

Rift Rhynos




First Place: Monster Mash  

Monster Mash continue to hold onto their S-Tier spot by dominating their opponents. By taking out PacaPaul and the PacaPauls in a 2-0 series, they show they can take out teams at the top of the standings while also dominating teams struggling in the B-Tiers of the Yasogami division. This will be important, because they take on Rift Rhynos, a team hungry for a win and a chance to take out a top tier team.


Player To Watch:  Imperial Archer

With a name to match this carry’s potential, Imperial Archer has proven to be a player to watch in week four as they take on Rift Rhynos. Imperial Archer consistently puts up strong numbers week after week, regardless of the subs taking place for this team. I want to keep seeing this carry get resources, because it is obviously working-not to mention fun to watch the destruction this Archer knows how to ensure.


Second Place: !Rawr Lethal

!Rawr would love to dethrone Monster Mash, as they are also dominating teams in the B-Tier week after week. With a 2-1 win over Rift Rhynos, they find themselves just below them in the standings-and it is still too close for me to state just yet whether or not they can dethrone Monster Mash since their matchups are similar every week. They will have a chance to take on a higher tier team this week, and a 2-0 against Glacial Knights can start their climb to take the crown-especially if Monster Mash doesn’t go 2-0, but that isn’t in !Rawr’s hands now is it…


Player To Watch: Chajira

With the bar set high, I will be looking to Chajira to see if this carry can exceed the standards necessary to be the top S-Tier team in this division. Chajira has clearly shown they are a supportive carry that helps secure wins for !Rawr, and I would like to see them dominate the laning phase in order to become another carry that teams must respect. I see the potential-and am excited to see if this AD can prove I am right…




Third Place: VBU Plat

There isn’t another team more deserving of an A-Tier spot. From seventh to third place, this team has continued to not only rise in the standings-but decimate their opponents in the process. With a 2-0 victory against DoV Rocket, VBU’s has their chance to continue to fight for an S-Tier spot as they take on Infernal Flame from the Yasogami division. Looking forward to seeing them continue to surprise their opponents with their strengths, that is-of course-if they win. I am sure Infernal Flame is hungry for a victory, and taking out a team that is drastically rising in the standings week to week is a great way to prove they can take on A-Tier teams.


Player To Watch: KÙUMA

After their perfect game on Graves, my eyes on KÙUMA. WHO is this jungler?? They seem to be at the right place, right time, and know exactly how to help their carries dominate in lane. If KÙUMA can continue to get Shifti leads in the botlane, there isn’t much any other team in the league can do to slow them down. He clearly knows how to use their leads to close out games, and I suspect he will continue to prove this against Infernal Flame.


Fourth Place: League of Dolphinz 

League of Dolphinz is swimming their way to A-Tier by taking out teams that were once above them in the standings. If League of Dolphinz can continue to take out top teams, then it will only be a matter of time before they become the best that the rest must respect. They take on DoV Rocket this week, and have a chance to prove they can beat teams below them before they can set their sights for the teams above them. 


Player To Watch: Pukha

There have been a lot of talk about how the solo carry laner is dominating their opponents week after week, but Pukha has been a silent threat that supports their team. Whether Pukha is on a playmaker or a sustaining support, they showcase they can easily be what their team needs in order to secure 2-0 victories. I will be looking to see how LoD can use this flexibility to their advantage, since I am noticing teams are beginning to show their playstyles consistently week after week. Is Pukha the spice in the rift dish that no one is watching? Well, if this is the case, maybe yall should start paying attention-I know I have.




Sixth Place: DoV Rocket

After taking an 0-2 loss against VBU Plat, DoV Rocket finds themselves in the B-Tier in week four and in need of re-examining what makes them great. I am still hesitant to count out this team, and they have a chance to prove it this week against League of Dolphinz-another team that is climbing up in the rankings. If they dig deep and rely on what their team’s potential win conditions are, then they can begin showing the rest of the league just what they are capable of achieving. Afterall, they have players that have proven to be dominant in the past…


Player to Watch: Jarrita

Jarrita continues to win in the drafting phase, but is my player to watch because I want to see what they can do during lane phase to help create the win conditions necessary to win. The team has shown they are capable of doing this in game 1 of the series against VBU, so now it is about creating and sustaining leads this week against LoD. I will be looking to the the jungler to see how they can shotcall their team to decisive wins.



Sixth Place: Rift Rhynos

On paper, Rift Rhynos might be in sixth, but they did take a win off an S-Tier team in week three. This already shows that they are growing as a team from week to week, as well as shows the potential to how this team can rise in the standings. Which is great, since they are taking on another S-Tier team this week. If they dug their heels into what was working against !Rawr, they might be able to recreate their successes against Monster Mash. Both S-Tier teams claim they have the strongest top lane in the game, and their playstyles seem quite similar week after week. If they can focus on what makes their team strong and take out Monster Mash, then they can prove they deserve to be in the A-Tier. 


Player To Watch: Mewwo

My eyes will be on Mewwo this week, as this carry has shown they know how to take over games if given the resources and playmaking opportunities to do so. Put this player on a carry or playmaking champion, and I argue that this team can take over the game through Mewwo. I am putting all my chips in the Mewwo basket, and I hope Rift Rhynos does, too…



Fifth Place: Glacial Knights

WIth Glacial Knights taking an 0-2 loss against League of Dolphinz, their team is in need of looking within to find what makes them powerful. They can start this with drafting stronger won conditions based off of who is showcasing their potential to create win conditions. If they can take down !Rawr this week, they can prove just that-their losses are only lessons to be learned in order to build their team into knights worthy of taking down lethal opponents.


Player to Watch:  Sebastian555 and SKT Flinger

I would like to see Glacial Knights put some resources into their botlane, and draft SKT Flinger some playmaking champions. Sebastian555 has shown their potential already, and I will be looking to see if SKT Flinger can ensure a stronger lane phase for both of them. My eyes will be on who this botlane gets to showcase their potential with, because their stats show there is a lot of untapped potential here just ready to dominate.