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Hey guys, Clutch here for week four. I’ve decided to do something a little different this week, because of so many games being played this upcoming weekend. There’s a lot of rescheduled games that will be played this week that’ll shake up the standings and the rankings, so I’ve decided to not doing power rankings necessarily this weekend. Instead I’m taking a different approach, by looking at every team and if I’m “Optimistic, Pessimistic, or Indifferent” about every single team. I hope you guys like this approach as a little bit of a switch up from normal. Enjoy the read!


Optimistic: !Rawr Silver, Revolution Esports, Monkeys in Training, First to Frontline

!Rawr Silver

!Rawr this season has looked like a powerhouse team, with their flexible rosters, extremely good players and great game play to back it up. Each season honestly !Rawr has consistently been a playoff team, or a somewhat decent team. However, this season they’ve really upped the competition and are taking the league by storm. At the moment, I honestly feel like !Rawr is the best team in the league. I can really only see one team being able to take them down and that is Revolution Esports. The reason I’m optimistic about this team is the fact that they have a huge roster and their team has a lot of great players. They also have been able to take down top teams this split so far and I think it’ll continue to happen. I’m looking forward to see if !Rawr can complete the perfect season, as they are the only team left able to do it.

Revolution EsportsĀ 

Revolution Esports I’m also super optimistic about. They are also the only undefeated team (even though they dropped a game, rip perfect season) with !Rawr. I think Revolution has the making of a great team with Linnks, TheDoc1992, and General Danobi at the helm. You also can’t forget the fact that they have the rookie mid laner in UnknownAngel who has been a pleasant surprise for the team. However, the only downside to this team is the fact that they only have played two series, so they’ve played half the games the entire league has played. We’ll have to see how they are going to do with I believe back to back to back series (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) which is a lot of games.

Monkeys in Training

Monkeys in Training despite only having one win looks like a pretty strong team in this league. They’ve been nearly able to end !Rawr’s perfect split in taking a game off of them and they got their first win of the season against VBU Academy pretty easily. The reason why I’m so optimistic about this team is the fact that they’ve gone against every single top team in the league and yes, they have lost, however they have yet to play a borderline playoff team or a team lower in the standings. I think against weaker teams MIT should be able to absolutely destroy them and prove that they are easily a playoff team. This team on top of that has Surm and Ballistic to back them up, which are very strong laners on their own. I’m looking forward to see MIT pick up some more wins and climb in the standings.

First to Frontline

First to Frontline honestly I’m going to be very optimistic about this team. When I say VERY optimistic, I mean VERY optimistic. I think I’m more optimistic about one player in that being Zion then I am the entire team, but they did pick up their first win. I think this team can probably pick up two to three wins and make a run for the gauntlet. That’s mainly why I have this team as optimistic because I do really want to see this team do well especially with Zion because he’s a very good player.

Pessimistic: FTD Black, Pendulum Gaming, Goon Squad Gaming

FTD Black

Before I start about what I want to say about FTD Black, I’m being VERY harsh on this team just because of expectations from last season. This team currently sits at the middle of the standings at two and two, and honestly I expected so much more from this team. Unfortunately, LeperKoopa stepped down from support and they brought in Kodi which will be interesting to see. However, I expected a lot more from this team, instead they are a middle of the pack team right now. Maybe I over hyped this team, but I think for sure this was not what everyone was expecting from FTD Black the IBS Champions last season.

Pendulum Gaming

Pendulum Gaming was also a team where I was really hyped to see coming into this season. After watching week one I took a bit of a gamble on hyping them up, only to get caster cursed and basically fall to the middle of the pack. This team honestly I thought could be a top four team, even top three, but they’ve fallen from grace at the time. When I was looking at this team with a whole new roster, besides Nerf Ireliavant who was very good last split, I was really hyped. Their hype, however, has not delivered yet and I don’t think ever will. However though, it depends which lens you’re going to look at Pendulum Gaming through. If you look at this team from last split, they finished last and if they got one win, that’s more then last season, so technically it is an improvement. Honestly though, I think this team had high expectations like I did, and they’ve just failed to deliver so far.

Goon Squad Gaming

Honestly, I think it really is kinda hard to say I’m pessimistic about this team. They are right where I expected them to be and they haven’t picked up a single win yet. I don’t want to bash too hard on Goon Squad Gaming though, because they are in the league for a reason. I’m just hoping that this team can pick up a win somewhere and maybe not be the last seed in the gauntlet. I’m also looking for someone on this team to step up still, which seems to be a common theme with this team.

Indifferent: VBU Academy, Rifters, EOU Sunset

VBU Academy

Looking at VBU Academy, I was first pessimistic, then I was optimistic, and now I’m indifferent. I honestly don’t know what to say about this team because one week they look very good, then the next week they look like a bottom team. On top of that, Sn0w will be leaving the team (bye sn0w i’ll miss you ;-;) and they’re going to lose their hyper carry in the top lane. We’ll have to see what this team does with Sn0w leaving and how they are going to develop as a team. I could see this team being a top team, but I can also see this team being a bottom team, it just depends which team is showing up.


Rifters have a weird team honestly, each week it seems someone is leaving, someone is joining, and someone is role swapping. I love the players on this team and I think they do really have a good team in the making. The only problem is, this team each week just wants to swap their roster around even though it is one loss. Maybe it’s because of in real life things, or just internal problems, but if this team can keep a stable, solid, non-swapping roster, they’ll be a good team. However, if they cannot keep a team together, they’re going to burger flip each weekend and you’ll have to pick cards out of a deck to see where each player is going.

EOU Sunset

EOU Sunset are a lot like the two teams here where I do think they have makings of a good roster. They’ve proven that their players are at least middle of the pack in their roles and that they are here to stay. Honestly though, I’m indifferent about this team. They are a lot like VBU Academy where one week they’ll show up and look like a top team in the league and then the next week they are just completely out of sorts. Also to keep in mind this team, just like the Rifters, have a makeup game against Revolution Esports, which I can fully see them possibly taking a game off of them, but not winning. It’s just very weird to see a team with this skill level be so coin-flippy, just like VBU Academy.



I hope you guys enjoyed this form of rankings for this week, we’ll be back to normal next week once all the games are played. Good luck to all the teams and as always, prove me wrong!

-FNC Clutch