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Hey all! Thanks everyone for waiting patiently on the edge of their seats these past few weeks as the standings in Royal started to shake themselves out. This week, since we haven’t had power rankings the last two weeks, I wanna do something special. For this week’s article, we’re gonna be doing something called 10 Thoughts which is an idea I definitely did not copy from Kien Lam and am definitely not mimicking his articles called 10 Thoughts that he writes about the LCS. Without further ado, here are your power rankings and 10 Thoughts going into week six. XOXO, Tanner.

#1 Oasis Nimbus – No clouds in sight.

Oasis Nimbus continues to show us why they are the top team in Royal as they take down another up-and-coming team that looked to show a lot of promise in week four as they topple the Abyssal Asphalt team that took down Imperial. Oasis Nimbus, although they have shown weaknesses so far throughout the season dropping games last week and in the first week to the late MG Nitro, have also shown a lot of resiliency coming back to reverse sweep both series. The role swap of ParadigmShift from Bot to Jungle seems to continue to work out for this team and the early weeks were more than just a fluke as we can see now that he does in fact play more champions than just Volibear and Nunu. With consistent play from the bot side of the map and solid cohesion with whatever Top and Mid are playing on the given week, this team continues to roll along through the season with only clear skies ahead as they enter the back half of the season and begin to look towards playoffs.

#2 Hyperion Updraft – This might be the one, Atilla.

Hyperion Updraft came into the season with some expectations on them and a lot of memes but, for what it’s worth, this team has proven a lot to me over these first five weeks. With only one loss to their name and with it coming at the hands of Oasis, this team looks scary going further into the season. Not only are they sitting at 4-1, they also have already taken down a strong League of Dolphins, another strong contender coming into the season, as well as Imperial Gaming, one of the other strong contenders over the early course of the season. And if that wasn’t enough, they also took down the strong Abyssal Asphalt team that turned around to take down Imperial and take Oasis to three games. This team has met challenges around every corner so far this week and, for the most part, has stepped up to the plate. With four weeks left in the season, I’m excited to see Atilla and co. continue to power up through the end of the season, especially off what I’m expecting to be continued strong performances from the Jungle-Mid duo of Kappa Krusader and Zoe Exotic, and dare I be the first to say Atilla does indeed have more to offer than just the Gauntlet as I think this team could even find themselves the bye come playoffs.

#3 Imperial Gaming – Bot replacement, take two.

Although they have stumbled in the past two weeks, Imperial Gaming still should be seen as one of the top dogs in this division. After coming into the league with an insanely fast start, boasting some insane KDA stats on RiN specifically, as they rolled through their first three opponents, this team has faltered to Abyssal Asphalt coming off a rebuild and Hyperion Updraft. This is the same team that performed extremely well last split with the only roster change coming in the bot lane position. After the first three weeks of the split, however, it seems like this team has begun to stall out. Granted it was against two very strong opponents in Hyperion and Abyssal, they still weren’t seeing the level of success that they expected as the season developed. With that said, Imperial has moved forwards with a different player in the bot lane and, for their sake, I’m hoping this is the piece that will propel back to their start-of-season form. With their first new ADC not working out, it’ll be important to see how the pieces work together for this squad and, most importantly, how quickly they can begin to work together as there are many many teams right on their heels, fighting for a top three spot in the power rankings.

#4 BARF Bravo – What a turnaround, bravo!

Ignoring the really bad attempt at a pun, this team is definitely more legit than I thought they’d given that they essentially joined the league at a major deficit with almost every other team having a two-week head start and a 0-2 record to their name. However, since their late entrance into the league, this team hasn’t dropped a series and has only dropped one game on their way to three match wins in a row. While it must be noted that BARF has had a weaker strength of schedule in few weeks since their debut in the league, they still looked damn good in their last few performances and, in order to make playoffs, they’d have to beat them eventually. With such a strong middle of the pack, and their strength of schedule, it makes me hesitant to jump the gun and shoot this team so far up the power rankings but their strength of victory alongside a lot of motion coming throughout these last few weeks, I think I’m ready to jump on board the BARF hype train and buy in as early as I can to this team. They’ve had excellent performances as of late from their jungler Sultan and I’m definitely shy to say how much a strong jungler increases the stock of a team. While defense wins championships, junglers win ch1pz in my book and I’m definitely excited to see how far this team will rise before we reach the end of the season.

#5 League of Dolphins – The Silent Killers: if you hear them squeak, it’s too late.

League of Dolphins is a team I definitely expected to see a downward trend from after losing their starting mid laner and jungler. Losing their Mid and Jungle, I expected this team to take much longer than they did to come back up in the standing. But in case I hadn’t been wrong enough this split, LoD decided they wanted to make me eat my words once more this split, something I’m sure I’ll do many more times before the season’s end. After a few tough losses to Oasis and Imperial following their strong week one showing, LoD definitely seemed to find some type of chemistry once again, taking a game off Hyperion in week four and taking a series for themselves in week five as they returned to winning form. With a lot of the hype falling away from this team after this team didn’t prove to be as strong of an early contender as we expected, I feel like this team has been grinding in the shadows and will continue to silently take out competitors left and right as the weeks go on, especially with what is hypothetically the stronger portion of their schedule behind them, I feel like this team will slowly make a name for themselves as one of the strongest middle of the pack teams going into playoffs and will continue to show up week in and week out, whether the spotlight is on them or not. This team definitely has the potential to challenge for the top of the standings as we quickly accelerate towards the post season and I, personally, and very excited to see the level of damage they can do.

#6 EXNOL – Well something certainly seemed to work.

With a rebuild coming after week two, the same time as BARF’s rebuild, EXNOL decided I needed more hard decisions for my power rankings. EXNOL came out of the gates just as strong as BARF did following their early season rebuild, taking two of their next three series and only falling to Oasis during that span. With what was essentially a complete roster change, and a few roster change sprinkles since, whatever changes this team has been making seem to be working as they’ve moved up the rankings both in points and in my personal power rankings. Although seeing a decent amount of success since their revival, this team is a lot like BARF again in the fact that there is an argument to be made about how tested this team has been, with two weaker opponents on paper accompanying their Oasis series since their rebirth. It does comfort me some to see that their series have been somewhat clean but they, again like BARF, are seeing a lot of success off the back of their junlger Knighted and a strong jungler brings together all the pieces of a team in my eyes. With a solid start to the extended part of their season, EXNOL are solidly in that middle-of-the-pack core for Royal that seems to be so competitive to me, with each team showing the potential to beat any team on any given week. I will be watching this team closely as the season goes on and they start to face more tests, because their management seems to be doing something right with their roster moves and I really wanna see how high this team can fly.

#7 Abyssal Asphalt – From hero to zero to hero to zero to…. hero again?

Abyssal Asphalt has been a tough team for me to get a grasp on this split. Right as I was starting to get a feeling for the team, they went and got a comp. ruling. After that, I was finally getting accustomed to where this team stood relative to the rest of the league, and they went and made a slew of changes on me again. With their first set of changes, I wasn’t really sure how the new players would slot in for the team and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the team seemed to play, taking down the, at the time, undefeated and one of the strong favorites in Imperial with excellent play from their jungler and bot laner Jayyster and JayTuu. However, after falling to Oasis, the roster had rebuild, being the 27th rebuild in Royal this split, as they lost what looked like their stronger pieces and, left with the scraps, put together a new team from some new free agents and pieces of the past that they were left with through both rebuilds. With how late we are in the season, and their given record thus far in the split, I’m definitely skeptical of this team and will need to see a lot of growth and a strong start if they are to challenge up the standings as we keep racing towards playoffs. But with how much adversity this team has already overcome, and how volatile Royal seems to be this split, with every team being ready to play like all-stars in a moment’s notice on any given week, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were dealt yet another reverse card as we see another batch of team that are, on paper, strong and stable take a plunge, knock on wood, and a subsequent batch of new teams like Abyssal Asphalt skyrocket up the standings.

#8 DoV Chaos – What happened to my Dolphin Bros.!

DoV Chaos, a.k.a. DoV Ghost, was a team I had a lot of hope for this season with how they finished last season. I want to say this team will turn it on as they get closer to playoffs, just like last season, but I also feel like this team might only perform when nobody is expecting it. I’m stuck in this weird loop thinking, this team is good if nobody thinks they are good, so I should say they are sleeper good, but that would mean they’re actually bad, but if I say that then they’re secretly good… Someone send help I’m gonna go insane. Regardless, this team has yet to actually win a series since week one which is a toll on team, no matter who you are. While they sit at 2-3 in the standings, it’s a 2-3 with Hyperion, EXNOL, Imperial, and Oasis being the back half of your schedule. DoV definitely needs to start getting some confidence going for themselves if they’re gonna make another late-season run deep into the playoffs. Every run has to start somewhere, and if I’m DoV, I’m going back to what has worked before and that’s the Dolphin Bros. in the mid and bot lane. The Dolphin Bros. have shown in the past they know how to get results on the board and that is the first place I will be watching for momentum to start rolling again for this team. There’s still quite a bit of the season left, and every team can topple, so I’ll still be watching this team until their nexus explodes for the final time come post-season, but starting now, this team has got some work to do and a challenge before them, and I wait in anticipation to see how they go about it.

#9 Anonymous Esports – Baby steps, baby steps.

Anonymous Esports came into the league with not a lot of recognition to their name. Everyone on the team, at least to my knowledge (which to be fair isn’t very expansive I am a support player after all), was a ZGG rookie coming into the split. Sadly, for their sake, five weeks in they haven’t made many strides towards furthering making a name for themselves. With some roster changes coming in this last week for the team, I am hopefully optimistic for this team that they may be able to find some momentum for themselves. Almost every other team in the league has benefitted from roster changes during this split as a way to jumpstart some life into the roster and hopefully the same will be true for this team as well. Everything has to start from somewhere, though, and given the prior performances of this team, I don’t expect them to come into the rest of the season and completely wipe away every team in their path. What I want to see from this team is just a game win and to go from there. The team has yet to take a game off another team in an official series and, to me, that gets concerning for the confidence a team. I want to see baby steps. To start building momentum you gotta get the ball rolling somehow so I want to see Anonymous push another team in Royal and make them sweat. You need a spark to light a fire and I want to see Anonymous take their destiny into their own hands and find a way to light that first spark before we make it to the post-season.

#10 Flash 2 Harass – It’s never too late for a fresh start, right?

Flash 2 Harass may have come into the league as a fresh team for ZGG, but they were a team that I remembered as a strong team from the last season of BOL so I had some high hopes for this team. Sadly, as the season developed and they had mixed levels of success from week to week, the team decided it was time to end their long tenure as a squad and go their separate ways. For the rest of us in the league, and for me specifically as a power rankings author, this meant getting to learn another new team and roster, how the players fit together, and how this new squad stands up to the rest of the teams in Royal. As a strong believer in looking at evidence before giving a team merit, though sometimes inconsistent, I am gonna have to start this team off at the bottom of the standings just as I have all the other teams that have rebuilt as the season went on. Abyssal was almost across that line for me this week and almost joined F2H at the bottom as another rebuilt roster, Abyssal is keeping some of their pieces while F2H will have an entirely new roster on their hands with new management and all so we’re just gonna be resetting one team this week. Hopefully, this will also be the last time a team has to completely rebuild this season. With that said, this team actually will be coming into the season with a decent standing for themselves with a win to their name and, while not the best schedule left in the season, not the worst schedule either so they definitely have some potential to start to challenge up the standings before the post-season arrives on us. More importantly to me than standings, this team also will have ample opportunity to try and build up some momentum for themselves and their new roster as we enter the later stages of the season where a good head of steam can easily propel you through the playoffs. With how competitive the middle of the majority of Royal has been this split, I definitely can see this team taking some games and making some waves before the season comes to a close.

Final Remarks:

Thank you all, again, for being patient with me as Royal’s next set of power rankings were in production and I hope to continue to write them as we make our way through week six and beyond. As I’ve said in the past, I truly wish all teams the best of luck in their matches and I hope everyone proves me wrong every week as it makes things a lot more interesting and gives me more to write about. Also, I have been thinking about putting together some community awards for the end of the season so if anyone has any ideas for a fair format for such things or if anyone has any ideas for topics or format for the weekly article that they’d like to perhaps see implemented, please don’t be afraid to share those with me and I’ll happily see what I can do. These articles are for the community after all, so I wanna know what you, as the community, wanna read my or other people’s views on. Thanks everyone who has read this article in its entirety and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Enjoy some more XOXO’s, Tanner/Sharp/Otter.