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ZGG Gekkou’s Week 6 Platinum Power Rankings

All of my statements are my opinions, they do not reflect the thoughts of Zero Gravity Gaming as a whole, community or staff. Zero Gravity believes in the ability of community driven content and so I produce this content for the enjoyment of the community. If you have any opinions or requests, you can contact Bduhmana on Discord at bduhmana#1590. 

Thoughts of Bduhmana:  Week six is upon us, and we are starting to see a divide in Gekkou power rankings. Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu said, “Your attitude to life determines your altitude in life.” For those at the top, they have quite a view-but that isn’t stopping some of the teams from setting their sights with an intention to take them down. With playoffs just around the corner, there is a lot more at stake for each win and loss. 


Your Platinum League Teams in order of Standings:


Monster Mash  

!Rawr Lethal

VBU Plat

League of Dolphinz 

Glacial Knights

DoV Rocket





First Place: Monster Mash  

Monster Mash continues to secure the S-Tier spot week after week regardless of what other teams have to say about it. Either teams are not respecting them enough, or Monster Mash is just that good. My thoughts are that it is both, and this new team gets to sit here up here and bask in their awesomeness alone after their 2-0 against Glacial Knights last week. There isn’t another team in the league that is beating teams 2-0, and they get to continue to prove there won’t be a team that can beat them as they take on VBU Plat this week. This game is an important one for both VBU and Monster Mash, because it gives more insight on what Monster Mash can do up against an A-Tier team. They have yet to meet anyone else at the top of the standings on the Rift, so this is my game to watch this week.


Player To Watch:  Islamic Samurai and Flying Squirtle

My players to watch are the ones that will need to affect the map this week, as VBU is proving they have some strong playmakers of their own. If Islamic Samurai can work with Flying Squirtle to ensure laning phase goes as it typically does each week for them, then they stand a much better chance to duel it out for midgame priorities. This really needs to start in the draft, which I know a lot of intentionality happens from a strategic standpoint. The goal is simple: keep respecting and out-drafting the other team so that your team has the best possible chances to dominate in every lane against a team that is used to dominating every game.




Second Place: !Rawr Lethal

!Rawr finds themselves at the top of the A-Tier after taking 1-2 loss against DoV Rocket. Although this, on paper, could look concerning for !Rawr fans, it could also have just been them meeting the DoV Rocket people expected to see from a previously victorious organization. Plus, this just makes it that much more fun for !Rawr, because I know they want that S-Tier spot and think they deserve it, so these next two weeks will be essential for them. If they can 2-0 Goon Squad, then they move into their series against Monster Mash in week 7 with some stronger stats that match their words. Continue taking out other teams more cleanly, and then take out the team no one else can beat, and you have the perfect recipe for stealing the top spot. Now they just gotta do it…


Player To Watch: MrTaylorLabHD

I want to see !Rawr’s best player start to prove that they are the best top laner in the league. That isn’t to say he isn’t showing up week after week and dominating lane against some teams, but MrTaylorLabHD needs to start destroying every top laner in lane if they are to beearn the right to say they are better than Monster Mash’s top. I know MrTaylorLabHD is capable of proving this-now it is just about going into each match respecting the opponent in ways that give them no opportunity to come back into the game. This week’s matchup is a great chance to do that prior to taking on the biggest threat in this league and proving what !Rawr has said all along. I want the hype. I want the matchup. But first, I want the domination this week.


Third Place: VBU Plat

VBU Plat made a statement when they 2-0’d League of Dolphinz. They are a top tier team, and they expect to beat whoever is on the Rift against them. They are only behind !Rawr with one extra loss, and this shows me that their potential is definitely proving itself in actions week after week. This is not a team to underestimate-they are coming for the top tier teams. This is why they are my series of the week, because they have the perfect opportunity to prove they can beat the best team in the league this week. They are consistently winning in multiple lanes, and their ability to close out games with a lead is going to be essential against a team that hasn’t lost yet.


Player To Watch: Eggsecutive

Monster Mash may boast they have the best top laner in the league, but Eggsecutive is starting to prove to be the best mid laner in the league. If they can outdraft a drafting strategy-heavy team in ways that help their other solo lane can hold their own in lane, then that frees up KÙUMA to do KÙUMA things and Eggsecutive can get the resources needed to be the carry threat they have proven to be week after week. I think this is the lane where VBU has their best chance to break open the game for them against Monster Mash.




Fourth Place: League of Dolphinz 

League of Dolphinz takes a hard 0-2 loss against VBU last week, which might be a sign to relook at those games in order to examine why. This team has shown its potential, and there is clear synergies and strong win conditions for this team-so now it is up to them to learn from their losses in order to grow into the team they need to be as they take on the new team on the ZGG Rift. They already beat a really strong team in Yasogami division, so they are not a team to underestimate. It is a great opportunity to refresh from last week, and look forward using what they already know works well. Dig deep into the foundation of what makes them strong, and they can secure this series and begin looking ahead again.


Player To Watch: SuperNaturalS15

This is my player to watch this week. SuperNaturalS15 has shown in the previous weeks that he has the leadership potential to create win conditions, as well as the ability to ensure their team closes out games. Although last week was a tough loss, I will be looking to the previous weeks of his as my marker for his potential up against the new team-that is looking real solid after their win against Inner Logic.



Seventh Place: Southpaw

Southpaw! Oh My-you offcially have my attention. Southpaw beats Inner Logic 2-0, and I am placing them in the B-Tier because of that. There is potential for this team to continue this trend of upsets as they face off against League of Dolphinz this week. With Southpaw coming off a strong set of wins and League of Dolpphinz coming off a week of difficult losses, I am extra curious to see how this series will turn out. They have different in-game strengths, and I want more data on Southpaw so I can start to hype them up. I think I see what they are capable of already, but them taking out League of Dolphinz will confirm it for me. 


Player To Watch: Sun Stoat

This ADC has shown up on the Rift with a license to kill, and has taken all the lives on the Rift with em. Not once, but twice even. I want to see a repeat performance of that this week against League of Dolphinz botlane, as I think this could be a great way to secure early leads. Sun Stoat already showed they can carry, so I hope to see more resources to ensure it.




Sixth Place: DoV Rocket

DoV Rocket beat !Rawr 2-1 last week, and starting to show their fans a reason to keep on believing they have what it takes to be a top tier team. Their solid performances, even in their loss, shows me that they are beginning to find what synergies and strengths this team has made. They are also showing they can turn win conditions into wins, and this is very exciting for a team who needs to continue to win in order to start looking more seriously at the playoffs. If they beat Glacial Knights this week, they can start preparing to do just that. 


Player to Watch: Warwicked

Warwicked played fantastically on both Elise and Volibear, showing there is some flexibility around playstyles that is proving to be successful. Warwicked also proved they can put one of the best toplaners in the league behind in a way that makes it impossible for their opponent to get back into the game. I want to see more of this: securing strong win conditions going into midgame and then using them to close out games. 



Fifth Place: Glacial Knights

Glacial Knights stay in fifth place after their 0-2 loss against Monster Mash. This week is going to be crucial for them, as they are not that far behind League of Dolphinz and they have a chance to vie for a better spot if they win against Dov Rocket this week. They are potentially versing a team that is finding their stride, so this is also a great opportunity to beat them and prove they have what it takes to climb up the power rankings and the standings. 


Player to Watch:  JWalkz

Although they lost their game against Monster Mash, they did have their best performance in the series with Jwalkz in the jungle. If JWalkz can help their laners get ahead during the lane phase, then they have a stronger teamfight potential with the picks they seem to go for in the draft. It’ll be up to JWalkz to figure out the best strategy for ensuring there is more than one win condition, but his botlane is showing some strong potential-especially if they put their support on a playmaker. Whether JWalkz will use this strength as a way to help the solo lanes get ahead or focus it will be the essential choice to make this week. Personally, I would focus on what is working and ramp it up so that no one else on the Rift can come close to stopping it…