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Thoughts of Bduhmana: Week six is only a few hours away, and Yasogami is starting to show the ripples that lie beneath the tide of this division. Obama said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we are waiting for.” With every challenge, these teams have an opportunity. An opportunity to prove they are where they belong. An opportunity to create an upset. And an opportunity to climb up the tiers and dethrone those at the top.  All of these changes are possible, but not all of them can come true. Which is what makes this week so interesting…


Your Platinum League Teams in order of Standings:


Imperial Gaming

Crosspoint Origin 

Inner Logic

Goon Squad Epsilon

OTA Storm

PacaPaul & Pacapauls

Infernal Flame




 First Place: Imperial Gaming

With Imperial beating Crosspoint (..and getting their free win against Inner Flame), they find themselves at the top of the S-Tier. And for good reason! This team has beaten all the other top tier teams, and is looking to take on Inner Logic this week. I am extra hyped about this matchup, and feel this is the series of the week to watch. Imperial Gaming has been consistently winning even in the draft phase, since teams are forced to respect to somehow juggle respecting their niche champions, their ability to flex champions in multiple roles, and their ability to abuse the open meta picks. Obviously no team can ban out all of this, but they are up against Inner Logic-a team that feels sleeper good in this division. They will need to continue to come out the Rift strong at the start in order to take on a team that intends to playmake their way through the series.


Player to Watch:  Zmagz and zNezumi

I will be looking to the playmakers on this team in hopes that they can continue to create the opportunities necessary for them to win this series. I may be biased, but I feel a subtle rivalry against these two teams, as both junglers have competed against each other before and have created names for themselves each season they compete. What feels different this time around is their support synergy. Last season, there was a lot of focus on the midlane/jungle synergy that may have put one of these junglers ahead of the other and I expect this synergy matchup to be equally important if Imperial Gaming wants to walk away staying on top. 


Second Place: Crosspoint Origin 

Crosspoint Origin beat Goon Squad Gaming 2-1 in week five, and found their top spot in the S-Tier silently stolen out from underneath them. That isn’t to say this team isn’t an S-Tier team, though, so I am keeping them up here because they are still beating teams below them. I mean, it is only one game that separates them from Imperial Gaming right now, and there matchup isn’t as difficult as IG’s matchup this week (on paper, that is). In theory, they can continue to dominate 2-0 this week and-if the odds are in their favor-maybe Inner Logic will be the upset they need to regain the throne. This narrative, however, relies on other teams to step up instead of Crosspoint stepping up and I want to shy away from this week. I know this team has multiple ways they can secure the first place on their own, and they have a chance to prove that in the coming weeks. This is their spot to earn just as much as other teams are vying for a chance to take it, so I am excited to see how they do against a team that has created upsets against top tier teams already.


Player To Watch:  Guster Posey

With such a great ign, I may be biast when choosing Guster Posey  this week as my player to watch (you should hear me say it aloud as if I am an arena announcer-his name is gold for that level of shoutery). Moreso, though, for his ability to create strong win conditions for multiple lanes-which ensures opportunities to dominate their midgame. They do this so devastingly well when Guster Posey works with in tandem with another strong playmaking champion (cough cough Alistar cough cough). They have shown they have a playstyle that works, so I hope they go back to it and get to the 2-0ing again.




Third Place: Inner Logic 

Inner Logic may have lost to Southpaw, a new team on the Gekkou block, but I haven’t lost my faith in this team’s potential. They are winning every week just like the teams in S-Tier, and now they have a chance to prove they can beat the first place team in S-Tier this week. I am predicting this series to be a must watch, because there is so much that both of these teams do so well that will come down to each moment mattering. If Inner Logic can continue to do what I see them doing already against Imperial Gaming, then I foresee this team as being the sleeper team I called out during a previous ZGG podcast. 


Players To Watch: Sheer Fkin Will and Monkë

Not gonna lie, I have been waiting six weeks for this jungle/support matchup, and I have no doubt that it will exceed my expectations. What is more interesting is just how hard it is to scout Monkë-which I do think can be used to Inner Logic’s advantage. Selfishly, I want to see both of them on playmakers so they can run around the Rift and outplay everyone. I would consider this team the underdog of the top tier teams, so it’ll be up to these two to prove they deserve to keep this A-Tier spot, climb higher, or find themselves in a tier below. Can you prove me right…




Fourth Place: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Goon Squad Gaming lost to Crosspoint Origin 2-1, and that impresses me. A loss of a series is never fun for any team, but to take a win from a team that has been dueling for the top of the S-Tier all season is a win in itself. It shows the potential of this team, and I hope can build up the confidence they need to keep winning. They take on another top tier team from the Gekkou division, and I am excited to see how they will matchup. 


Player to Watch: barnabas collins

I will be looking to the jungler to see if they can take out !Rawr during the lane phase. They have shown very few weaknesses, and have been able to rely on their outplay-but last week’s series showed a weakness that Goon Squad has been successfully winning through in their own division. If barnabas can punish top tier teams in a more competitive division, then this is just another series they get to be underestimated in. I don’t underestimate this jungler, though, and I foresee that they have the potential to create strong win conditions before they get into midgame. They will need em if they plan to teamfight their way to victory.



Fifth Place (?): OTA Storm

I am unsure if the standings for OTA and GSG are up to date as I type this since they had a rescheduled game, but they did beat PacaPaul and the PacaPals 2-0. This is an important win for OTA if they want to keep showing they are a team that can upset top tier teams while also beating teams at their tier and below. With such a competitive division, this team is showing up week after week in ways that intrigue me. They struggled to beat Goon Squad, but took out Imperial Gaming-who was able to take a win off of Crosspoint. With OTA Storm taking on Crosspoint this week, they have a chance to move up in their tier if they create another upset. Afterall, upset after upset turns disbelievers into new fans and I want to see OTA Storm show up ready for this important matchup.


Player To Watch: Chad Monkey

So much of what Chad Monkey does is why they are my player to watch this week. What makes it more fun for Chad Monkey to be my player to watch is the playstyle matchup in this series. Both teams excel with playmaking jungle and support, so this may come down to being able to ensure OTA gets what they need while also denying Crosspoint the opportunity to match it. Of course, if both junglers and both supports are all on playmakers, then this game becomes a skill matchup. Who wouldn’t want an intense playmaking game that could prove this team deserves to be recognized more than they currently are? I sure would love to be able to see that, and I do think this jungler can help create the narrative for it...




Sixth Place: PacaPaul & Pacapals

PacaPaul and the PacaPal’s have moved up in the standings, and there is still a bit of work to do if they are going to continue to climb. With them losing to OTA Storm, they shored up some weaknesses they already knew about-but also showed some potential. If they can pivot their strategy to their strongest laner during the draft phase, they can ensure that they have a solid win condition they can rely upon. I think there is an opportunity here to really change the course for this team.


Player To Watch: YRU Running

I will be looking to YRU Running this week as their carry and voice for their series against Infernal Flame. YRU Running has a strong champ pool full of carry champions, and I want to see him better utilized. If they are going to use teamfight junglers, then I want to see YRU Running on a mid laner that can carry them through a teamfight and freed up to roam and make plays happen elsewhere. This is a great time to enact a new strategy, and I think this is the way they do it if they want to win and begin building a foundation.


Seventh Place: Infernal Flame

With Infernal Flame not being able to play their series against Imperial Gaming, they find themselves in seventh place. Thei. r team is going to have to find ways to ensure their players are eligible this week if they want to be able to fight their way back up the standings. They aren’t that far behind OTA, and so close to PacaPaul’s. Luck would have it that they take on PacaPaul this week and have the chance to do just that. By beating them, they can start to find a foundation they can build upon. They just need to reset a bit and get back to their strengths.


Player To Watch: Little Debbie

I will be looking to Little Debbie this week to see if they can secure a top lane lead against PacaPaul’s top laner. I see an opportunity here that allows them to secure a lead that can then be used in teamfights over objective control in ways that will help snowball their team. The key will be how they step up this week, because finding a way to get IFE botlane ahead is also a strong way for this team to secure their win and it would be strategic to put Little Debbie with a winning matchup in order to help ensure this. Their champ pool is a bit stronger, so I am hoping they have been taking advantage of that in their scrims to prepare.