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Before I start, I’m sorry for not getting any content out last week, I was very busy. Next off, I’ve decided to do a Personal Player Rankings that are 100% opinionated for this week. I also want to say, this is all my opinion, if you’re ranked low or high and you think you should be somewhere else, you might be right. Nobody please take these rankings personal and to heart, it’s what I’ve seen and where I think some players are. Without further a dew, let’s get this started.

Top Lane:

1) BananaJetski (EOU Sunset)

Best team fighting top laner in the league. Consistently carries his games on multiple picks.

2) Madjack20 (!Rawr Silver)

Best top laning laner in the league, also best split pusher. Great champion pool, team fights is the only worry.

3) General Danobi (Revolution Esports)

Extremely good team player, will do whatever for the team to win. Great champion pool, all around solid player.

4) KillerUnicornz (Pendulum Gaming)

Good team fighter and laner. Can also carry games, but not as consistent as BananaJetski. Still very good top laner.

5) Maxaade (Feed the Dream Black)

Very good role player. Good champion pool, does whatever his team needs to win.

6) Acbalough (VBU Academy)

Great tank player. Have only seen him play a week.

7) Zion Killiamson (First to Frontline)

Great carry player, stuck on a subpar team. Does his best to try to carry.

8) Kernal Cannon (Monkeys in Training)

Amazing Shen player. Smaller champion pool, specializes in certain champions. Role player.

9) Tokenblackguy (Rifters)

Tank player, somewhat inconsistent. Good champion pool, but can’t carry a game. Team player.

10) Lennyjulieaction (Goon Squad Gaming)

His team hasn’t won a single game. Role player.


1) TheDoc1992 (Revolution Esports)

Jack of all trades jungler and very knowledgeable. Team player and is unpredictable.

2) Orbit (!Rawr Silver)

Very Mechanical carry jungler. Carry player. Mental and Ego are the only problem, but can easily be fixed.

3) Gamer123XD (EOU Sunset)

Carry jungler, also role player. Very smart and calculated player, however takes time to get online.

4) Swagmoneyboii (VBU Academy)

Strong tank and team player. Role player for the team, can fit in anywhere. Doesn’t play carries.

5) DogWoofWoof (FTD Black)

Very strong jungler and can carry. Sometimes falls behind, but is always relevant in the game.

6) Timik (Pendulum Gaming)

Good consistent and average jungler for ibs. Gatekeeper between the top and average junglers.

7) BloodB3ast (Monkeys in Training)

Average jungler, does what he needs to do. Plays anything and gets the job done.

8) I Negate It (Rifters)

New player, not much to gauge on. Probably going to be role player for the team.

9) Lendul (First to Frontline)

Bit below average jungler, doesn’t get a ton done early game. Decent objective control and strong role player for the team.

10) Borbies (Goon Squad Gaming)

Like top, team hasn’t won a game. Role player.

Mid Lane:

1) Duero (!Rawr Silver)

Carry player, jack of all trades. Team player, Role Player and Carry all at once. Consistent.

2) UnknownAngel96 (Revolution Esports)

Extremely good prospect, very good at control mages. Carry player, once online can 1v9.

3) Surm (Monkeys in Training)

One of the best team fighting mids in the league, always will be relevant. Strong champion pool. Team player.

4) The Devils Spine (Feed the Dream Black)

Strong player, has gold experience. Role player, will fit whatever the team needs.

5) Midlane Camp (VBU Academy)

Strong team fighter, assassin player. Can play control mages, like Devil, will fit whatever the team needs.

6) Yasuo0nly (Pendulum Gaming)

Clean Yasuo and Diana. Can carry on those two, otherwise slots in as role player.

7) IGankNubz (EOU Sunset)

Average mid laner. Role player and team player, will do whatever it takes to win.

8) Bawlz (Rifters)

Control Mage Carry player, strong Azir. Somewhat limited champion pool.

9) Zharptits101 (First to Frontline)

Average mid laner also. Decent Diana. Team player.

10) Salamander Speak (Goon Squad Gaming)

A bit below average mid laner. Puts up okay performances on GSG. Team player and role player.

AD Carry:

1) Linnks (Revolution Esports)

Strongest AD Carry in the league. Consistent, great laner, strong team fighter. Will carry games with little to no resources.

2) BNJ (Feed the Dream Black)

Huge pop off player. Consistent, great player and unreal team fighter. Gets caught out time to time though.

3) ADC Sucks S10 (VBU Academy)

Amazing Twitch and Xayah. Somewhat limited champion pool. Decent in team fights. Sometimes questionable decision making and positioning.

4) Ballistic (Monkeys in Training)

Consistent player. Good laning, good champion pool. Questionable positioning sometimes in teamfights.

5) Nerf Snugglebutt (Pendulum Gaming)

Decent AD Carry. Average laning and team fighting. Good champion pool and great team player.

6) Batman (EOU Sunset)

Average AD Carry. Okay laning, good team fighting. Good champion pool and has gold experience somewhat.

7) GhostNACL (Goon Squad Gaming)

Average AD Carry with potential. Unfortunate team isn’t the best, but team player.

8) Faded Yume (Rifters)

Need to see more from the player. Don’t believe they’ve played a game yet.

9) Stone Poet (First to Frontline)

Good laner. Questionable positioning and team fighting. Good champion pool.

10) “Rawr’s ADC” (!Rawr Silver)

Not one currently listed.


1) Maximum (VBU Academy)

Great team player. Amazing champion pool, role player. Shotcaller. Will do anything to get you a victory.

2) Astrohoe (!Rawr Silver)

Great potential and shotcaller. Good champion pool and is a role player. Okay laning and good team fighting.

3) TexSupport (Revolution Esports)

Another great potential support. Strong laner and good champion pool. Want to see more to praise him more.

4) Nerf Ireliavant (Pendulum Gaming)

Shining player on Pendulum. Great tank player. Average champion pool and Average laning. Questionable decision making, okay team fighter.

5) BigBakaMaka (Monkeys in Training)

Above average support. Good champion pool, okay laning. Clean Swain.

6) Kodiene (Feed the Dream Black)

Unconventional support. Plays unusual picks in the bot lane, strong mechanical and knowledgeable player. Would be higher if they played conventional supports.

7) Demon Chains (Rifters)

High potential. New player for Rifters.

8) Thepr0fessor (First to Frontline)

Average support. Good champion pool, okay laning.

9) CrazyCrawford (EOU Sunset)

Need to see something special out of him. Don’t know anything.

10) Daydrinker22 (Goon Squad Gaming)

Double edged sword, either enables GhostNACL or holds him back. Decent potential.


Overall thoughts:

Overall, I would say that 24% of these players could hold their own in gold leagues coming next season. I’m not going to say what player(s) or what role(s), I’ll let you guys figure that out. In my opinion, every player in Silver has good potential, it just needs to be unlocked one way or another. Thank you guys all for reading and I hope nobody comes for my head 🙂 . Good luck to all the teams this week and like I always say, prove me wrong!

-FNC Clutch