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Hey guys, your inconsistent Iron/Bronze/Silver writer here back with some more content. I’ve been pretty busy and there’s not really much to talk about in the last weeks as the season was coming down to a close. Without further adew, let’s get this underway!


Current Teams in the Playoffs:

1) !Rawr Yordles (9-0)

2) Revolution Esports (8-1)

3) Feed the Dream Black (7-2)

4) VBU Academy (5-4)

5) Pendulum Gaming (4-5)


Current Teams in the Gauntlet:

6) Monkeys in Training (4-5)

7) EOU Sunset (3-6)

8) First to Frontline (3-6)

9) Goon Squad Gaming (0-9)

10) Rifters (0-9, Dropped out of the league)


Matchups and Predictions:

Game 1: Goon Squad Gaming (0-9) vs. First to Frontline (3-6)

Honestly, both these teams finished where I expected them too. Obviously, Goon Squad Gaming has yet to win a single game this entire season, so saying they are coming in as underdogs is expected. It’s pretty hard to pick GSG to beat FTF, as honestly, it’s nearly impossible that GSG will win, but they still could. For Goon Squad Gaming to win this matchup, they will need some sort of miracle. I think First to Frontline if they played 100 games against Goon Squad Gaming, they’d win almost 95 of those times, not going to lie. FTF should have this series in the bag and I really think there’s not a ton to talk about here.

Prediction: First to Frontline Win


Game 2: EOU Sunset (3-6) vs. First to Frontline (3-6)

Next up we would have EOU Sunset versus First to Frontline which is honestly going to be a really close game. These two teams literally just played each other a week ago and EOU came out on top 2-1. The only problem was that First to Frontline’s best way to win, that being Sona/Lux was disabled, so it was tough for them to win. However, this is going to be a best of one, not a best of three, so we’ll have to see what ultimately is going to happen. This series I think for me is 55/45, being a bit favored for EOU Sunset. I think if First to Frontline come in with some sort of cheese, they will win this game. However, if First to Frontline come in standard, I think EOU Sunset beats them. On top of that, FTF NEEDS to ban Veigar and Jax. It shredded their team two games in a row.

Prediction: First to Frontline Win


Game 3: Monkeys in Training (4-5) vs. First to Frontline (3-6)

Now you might be thinking, Clutch you’re crazy, First to Frontline there is no way they beat EOU Sunset. Well, sometimes you need to believe in miracles. It wouldn’t be an interesting article if I just had the higher seeded gauntlet team winning every single game. Next up we have Monkeys in Training versus First to Frontline for the last playoff spot. These teams played each other during the season and First to Frontline were able to pick up the 2-0 victory over MIT, despite one of the games being kinda scuffed. I honestly think it’s going to be more difficult for First to Frontline to beat EOU then it is for them to beat MIT. In general, I do have one of my favorites to win the gauntlet to be Monkeys in Training. I honestly think with MITs entire team, they could even make Semi-Finals and take a couple games off the top teams. The only problem is, are they going to be consistent? This team has proved that they can take games off top teams, but this is literally a BO1 where anything can happen. Because it’s a Best of 1, I think First to Frontline will have some sort of cheese pick for Monkeys in Training and I think they’re going to be the last seed in the playoffs.

Prediction: First to Frontline Win, 6th Place in Playoffs.



Now most of you are probably going to come for my throats after this article when EOU Eliminates FTF and MIT wins the gauntlet. I mean honestly, that’s probably going to happen, right? MIT is clear favorites to win the gauntlet, they only need to win one game and they are in. On top of that, EOU clapped FTF, so they should make it to the final game, correct? Well, what’s an article without a hot take and some sort of controversy. Lets see if First to Frontline can channel their inner Schalke and run the gauntlet and make the playoffs.


Honest Odds to Win the Gauntlet:

Monkeys in Training: 50%

EOU Sunset: 25%

First to Frontline: 20%

Goon Squad Gaming: 1%

Rifters: 0%


In the end, I think MIT has this gauntlet for free, not going to lie. They SHOULD be able to take down the winner of EOU/FTF, but what would be an article without some hot takes? So whether you are with the Goon Squad Gaming miracle run, or you’re just hoping for one win out of Monkeys in Training, I wish you luck! May the best team win.

-FNC Clutch