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Thoughts of Bduhmana:  Welcome back to a new season of ZGG, where Noxus and Demacia collide within this gold division! What happens when strong, lawfully militaristic teams clash with a fearsome empire that rules by fear? Well, a battle of wills, of course! And that is just what this new ZGG season has in store for its tournament. Although we are only in the beginning of weeks, teams are already showcasing their confidence for the weeks ahead. Whether it be confidence or boasting, I’ll let yall be the judge of that as this week’s power rankings include team’s expectations for the tournament, as well as what champion they feel will best represent them as they face off week after week.


Your Gold Noxus/Demacia League Teams:



CB Royal

Pod of Dolphins

Abyssal Saphire

Final Esports


!rawr Agni Kai



Revolution Esports 

egirl sensations

VBU Plutonium

Poro Snaccs 

TFF Aftershock

Burgerflip Gold




First Place: CB Royal 

With a 2-0 victory against Final Esports, CB Royal stands alone in the S-Tier in the first week for a few reasons. First, in a land ruled by fear-stats are just one way to showcase dominance and this team’s KDA is among the top 3 out of all 24 teams across both divisions. When asking the captain about their team, their expectations for the season, and who they think best represents them, Yung Natz said, CB Royal: We have 3/5 of the mad rawrs roster, [which means] we made upgrades in both players and org representation. With the lineup we have now, it’s either go big or go home for CB Royal. If our team can be described by any champ from the divisions region it would be Vladimir because we are coming for blood this season.”


Player To Watch: Morganas Panties

Now, some might call me biast to name the support as the player to watch, but no one can change my mind. Especially when their first game’s KDA and gold income is better than every single player on the defeated team, as well as some of your own teammates. I didn’t even bring up the zero deaths (okay, maybe I just did). If that isn’t the most Crimson-Reaperish thing worth boasting over, then I don’t know what is. My advice? Keep your eye on this player if you want to keep your life on the rift.




First Place: egirl sensations 

Egirl sensations find themselves in the A-Tier after their 2-0 victory against TFF Aftershock. Their captains thoughts on their team’s season, and their region champion that will represent them, are, “Egirl Sensations [are] Just memers looking to have fun and clap some cheeks. Don’t really have any expectations-whatever happens, happens. Hopes? Just to do better than last season and hopefully, get some of the players on the team recognized as being pretty damn good. Like our super subs, TJ and the other Pain. Plus, our top laner is better than The Shy. So likeeee, we waitin’ for those e-girls. [Our region champion is] Fiora! She’s an egirl. Her blade will strike people’s heart and force ’em into submission. (I’d let her do whatever to me. Headmistress OP).” With a win under their belt week one, they are bound to get some egirls now (..right?). If not, they have their chance to prove themselves even more when they take on Burger Flip Gold and steal the S-Tier spot for themselves.


Player To Watch: Adorate Luna

We’ve got ourselves the support to watch, as Adorate Luna comfortably sits as the player with the 2nd highest KDA out of all the gold teams within both divisions. When you add that stat with being the 3rd least likely to die out of all players in both divisions, you got yourself someone who can not only carry your games to victory, but be alive to revel in their opponent’s demise.


First Place: Revolution Esports

Revolution esports secured a 2-0 victory against Burger Flip in Week 1, and found themselves tied with the group for first. Their captain Tex discussed their team, its expectations, and the champion from their region that best represents them, “Revolution gold is a team composed mostly of former ZGG IBS players in Doc, Unknown Angel, Tex, and ardvarks. We were a top IBS team in Summer finishing second in regular season, and this is our first foray into gold as an organization and team. This season is a growing season for us, looking to improve our mechanics and step up to the next level of competition. Playoff berth would be a huge success for us, [and] we’re hoping to be competitive and take at least a game or match off everyone in our group. I would say J4, because we are a team that plays aggressive, [and] we pride ourselves on our synergy and cohesion and rallying around each other to get Ws.” They may be working on improving, and they will get a chance to continue to do just that as they take on another first place team, VBU.


Player to Watch: ardvarks96

With a perfect score in one of their victories, my eyes will be on ardvarks this coming week as they take on VBU Plutonium. And as J4 says, if words may make a ruler, but actions make history. And this IBS turned Gold team is about to prove that their actions are more than capable of taking on the top tier teams in this division.


First Place: VBU Plutonium

VBU Plutonium finds themselves tied for first after beating Poro Snaccs 2-0 in Week 1. With their second win being more convincing than their first, they gave their fans a glimpse of what they are capable of once they get a hold of an early lead. When asking their captain about who their team is, their expectations for the season, and which region champion best represents them, Shigekix had this to say, “I mean for season expectations we’re gonna try to win division B and hopefully win ZGG. My actual expectation depends on if we win vs CB in division playoffs-if we can pull that off, then I would say we have a valid shot at the overall chip. We’re prob Draven cuz we like to int. VBU Plutonium is a troll team full of inters (LOL).” They have a chance to continue to boast their glories if they are able to beat another team tied for first place, Revolution Esports. If they can dominate them, then they can begin that climb to greatness they have set for themselves.


Player To Watch: Basting

My player to watch for this coming week is Basting, as he put up strong stats in both games and showed a consistency needed to turn leads into victories. This will be necessary as they take on Revolution Esports, because they already have some carries who are putting up stats better than most of the teams in both divisions. If Basting can continue to bring the reckoning, then this forewarning was just a chance to foreshadow their greatness. Isn’t that what Draven is all about, anyway-boasting while doing the most and making it look easy? 


First Place: Pod of Dolphins

Pod of Dolphins beat Lemonades 2-0 and found themselves tied for first heading into week 2, where they will get a chance to prove they can beat another team tied with them! When I asked their captain about their team, its expectations, and which champion best represents them, Cauli had this to say, “We are here to assist Orbit to grow in any way possible, so that he may perform at his best – at all times. We are true to his name. He is the sun and our team is just planets supporting him. As a Pod of Dolphins, we rely on the Orbit of the moon to ensure calm waters by day and night. Our philosophy is to team fight as 4, so that our jungler can solo farm all 3 lanes when we are all dead. Enabling our jungler to achieve the greatest amount of damage possible. As a champion, I think we would be Simba. We have the king of the jungle. The majority of us are pretty bad. Honestly, horrible; so expectations for us are extremely low, but the one stand out we have keeps us in every game. We remind ourselves of our motto before games: We don’t start objectives, we finish them. We crowdsourced this.” 


Player To Watch: Orbit32

In true fashion, this pod of dolphins has brought in a new champion outside their region to best represent what they stand for, and we are all watching as they hoist their king of the jungle for all to take notice-Orbit. Not only did he show a strong win against Lemonade in game 1, but he bested them in game two with the same champion that Xil chose. Looks like Simba just couldn’t wait to be king, so he started off on top. Now all that remains is to see if he has what it takes to do it again against Abyssal…


First Place: Abyssal Sapphire Esports

Abyssal Sapphire successfully secured their first win against !rawr Agni Kai, going 2-1, that is sure to haunt their upcoming competition. Mew, their captain, had this to say about their team, its expectations, and their region champion that best describes their team, “We’re Abyssal Esports. Bringing you the eldritch horror that is our terrifying lineup! If you think you can outsmart us, then you’ve got another thing coming, because we’ll pull you down to the depths and show you what it means to live in a nightmare. We expect to build a strong and fun community with serious competitive game play. With a loyal owner and support staff, we’ll make our way to the top in no time. If we could be a single champion, it would have to be Aphelios. Our quick wit and adaptive game play will leave everybody on their heels while we bring the one-two combo to bring down our opponents.” With their team’s confident determination, they look to prove their greatness by beating another team tied for first, Pod of Orbit (I mean, Dolphins. Ahem, Pod of Dolphins). 


Player To Watch: Abyssal Mew & Hi Im Velos

Although all three games against !rawr looked really close, there was a definite change in games 1 and 2 thanks to their botlane. If their botlane can continue to secure strong leads and maintain objective control, then they should have all the arsenal they need to weaponize themselves against Pod of Dolphins this week. Afterall, the sun has to set sometime and that is the perfect time for the moon to shine…




Seventh Place: !rawr Agni Kai

!Rawr Agni Kai may have lost to Abyssal Sapphire in week one, but their 1-2 loss was quite close every game. When asking Dalot what their team’s expectations are, as well as their region champion that best describes them, they had this to say,  “Season Expectations/hopes: Competing for first/second and growing as a team to get to finals, where we hopefully win.[Our champion is] Cassiopeia, because we turn everyone rock hard when they look at us.” If their confidence is correct, then they will have to turn CB Royal to stone this very week and take the S-Tier spot for themselves. This will be my game to watch this week, because I want to see if !Rawr has what I think it will take to prove themselves correct. Their talent is definitely there.


Player To Watch: MagicClaps

My player to watch is MagicClaps, and I would love, love, love to see Magic clap their opponents with a carry champion. If they prioritize getting Magic a winning lane, it can easily open up to controlling both objectives on the map. What better way to hard stomp their opponents then to take everything they ever dreamed of needing in order to also take their top dawg spot at the top?


Seventh Place: Final Esports 

Final Esports found their first defeat after going 0-2 against CB Royal in week one. That doesn’t mean this team should throw their hands up and give up, of course-there are 9 weeks left to go and this team has the confidence it needs to learn from their losses in order to turn things around. Their captain had this to say about their team, its expectations, and which champion best represents them,Final eSports is a team that works well snowballing through either solo lane; defined by strong mid game macro. We want to work on bringing in our newer bot lane into the fold, as our adc is good at generating leads but we sometimes fail to give him what he needs to carry. We currently sit below the S-tier teams, but if we can evolve into a triple threat team, we can easily contend for the title. Noxus/Demacia Division – Draven, We are insane at snowballing leads but our core gameplay revolves around throwing and catching :^).” It is clear that their team already knows what their strengths are, as well as their challenges, and what better way to learn from this loss than by taking on the Lemonades this week and proving they are better than a team tied for 7th with them?


Player To Watch:  Diamandis

I am taking Bªtman at their word, and looking to Diamandis to step up this week against Lemonades. They already showed some impressive stats in game two against an S-Tier team, so if they can provide the leadership this team needs to turn a lead into their macro, then they can secure the wins they need against Lemonades. All they need now is the harness that boastful energy Draven is best known for, and start that snowball the second they get on that rift.


Seventh Place: Lemonades

Lemonades took a tough 0-2 loss against Pod of Orbit-I mean, Dolphins last week, but now is not the time to dwell in the past. Xil had this to say about their team’s expectations and which champion will best represent them in this tournament, “The lemonades are a competitive, but mostly for fun, team that likes playing league. We wanna win and have fun doing it-I’ll leave it at that. If we could be described by a champion from our region, it would be Darius, cause we cancer af to play against.” This team has no need for looking at the lemons of their past, especially when they have the chance to actualize their cancerous af fun mindset against Final Esports this week. 


Player To Watch: Ênemy

Ênemy put up some strong numbers in game one against the Pod, so my eyes will be on them to see if they can work with Xil to use their carry potential against Diamandis this week. What better story is there to cover thanÊnemy dunking on the Final Esports player to watch and sending their opponents into the B-Tier for Week 3. I hope the team continues to put them on carry champs, and begin working as a team to secure those leads into victories. Afterall, Darius is a respected and feared general, so let’s give this midlaner the power to brute force their team to victory.


Seventh Place: Poro Snaccs 

Poro Snaccs took a tough 0-2 loss against VBU Plutonium in Week 1, but it isn’t anything for the team to worry about just yet. When speaking with the team and myself about our team, our expectations, and the region champion who best represents us, this is what we got, Poro Snaccs in an intentionally inclusive org that is powered by poros and friendship! We started out as a group of players who were competing against each other-that is, until we decided to combine our forces to take out our competition. Our current roster is an awesome mashup of players of Poros’ past and new, and we are led by our coach, Tan. Our season’s expectations are simple: the power of friendship and fun will prevail-we expect nothing less but to grow as a team and jubilantly win it all in the process. The champion that best describes our team is Taric, because Demacia may have been his home, but the stars are where we belong. Afterall, we are truly, truly, truly outrageous.” What better time than now for the Poros to show they are ready to be among the stars and not with the mortals in Demacia or Noxus when they take on TFF Aftershock this week.


Player To Watch: Blue Guy307 

Although the Poros went 0-2, Blue Guy307 consistently showed he has what it takes to secure strong leads in both games. If he can continue to outshine his competition, as well as turn those leads into opportunities for the rest of his team to create victories, then the stars of greatness are but a couple games away. TFF Aftershock will be looking to prove themselves, also-so this will be a test of the wills (and the beautiful, of course).


Seventh Place: TFF Aftershock

TFF felt their own shock after going 0-2 against egirl sensations in week 1. But just because they lost week one, doesn’t mean they are missing the right ingredients for success. With the tournament just beginning, they have a lot of time to focus on their recipe for success. Their captain had this to say about their team, its expectations, and their region champion that best represents them, “TFF Aftershock is chaotic, but not in the way that you would think. They’re a mixing pot, as most teams are – a dash of aggressive, a pinch passive, a cup of confusion, and a few tablespoons of miscommunication. Singed would be proud of the way Coconut and Dempsy are working their particular brand of magic, though they prefer things a little less toxic. Both love to experiment, adding and removing different parts, trying to mesh people in ways that they were never meant to mesh. Sometimes the experiment goes awry, but they take meticulous notes and don’t give up, often letting the team run rampant on their own just to see how they’re progressing. Don’t be fooled, though, Coco and Dempsy are always one step ahead of the team, watching carefully to ensure it all works out exactly as they have planned. They are pushing the boundaries — with no price, even their own sanity, too high to pay.” With their being no floor to low and no ceiling to high, we will get a chance to see where they stack up this week when they compete against the Poro Snaccs.


Player To Watch: Diab0lu5

After week one, my eyes will be on Diab0lu5 to help find the tempo and opportunity for their team to begin securing leads and objectives. Just like Singed has a way of creeping up on their opponents, Diab0lu5 might be the perfect scientist to create the concoction this team needs to take down the Poro Snaccs.


Seventh Place: Burgerflip Gold

Although Burger Flip Gold lost 0-2 to Revolution Esports, they have the chance to flip their standings this upcoming week. Kalia discusses their team and season expectations, “Burgerflip Gold is one of Burgerflip Esports Debut teams. Filled out with multiple players with multiple championships on their shoulders-including BOL Gold and ZGG IBS-BFE is a team to be contested with. From the top lane to the botlane, weak side is not our forte, and we will dominate every lane we enter…even if we run it down in the river. We expect to be one of the top two teams in our division and make it into the playoffs. We know we are a strong team lacking coordination and confidence, but time and patience and win trading can fix everything.” They may not have picked their region champion that best represents them yet, but maybe they are waiting to surprise us this week when they take on egirl sensations.


Player To Watch: Protts

Protts showed in game 1 as Diana that the carry pants are definitely ready, and I want to see this team focus more on unlocking Protts. Not only will that help them secure objective control for dragons and rifts, but it also gives the deadly potential for roams in order to get their side lanes ahead. Which is exactly what they will need against a team that expects to win it all.