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Thoughts of Bduhmana:  As we reach Week 6, we find a clashing of ideals within the Ionia and Freljord divisions. Where one land seeks to tap into the unspoiled magic and wants to defend it against militaristic forces, the other is a land of warriors born into a harsh and unforgiving land. These mythos have seeped their way into the Rift, as these two divisions fight for their spots in the playoffs that are just a few weeks away. As one team takes their leave from the division, the magic in Ionia leaves each remaining team with wins reflecting in their standings. Whereas in the Freljord division, the harshness is shown as they continue to duke it out each week to stand in their respective tiers with their standings reflecting only five weeks. It’ll be my job to not muck it up while I give yall the Week 6 power rankings…


Your Gold Ionia/Freljord League Teams:

Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Literal Monkeys

The Comfy Cartel

Goon Squad Gamma

Feed the Dream

Subversive Esports


GoonSquad Sigma

Feed the Nightmare

Imperial Ignis

Oasis Maelstrom

Kanto Challengers

Hyperion Blaze





First Place: Oasis Nails and Day Spa (6-0; 18 tournament points)

Although there are two divisions, there is only one team that has been undefeated in every series amongst them-and that is Oasis Nails and Day Spa. With Oasis defeating Goon Squad Gamma 2-1 in Week 5, they are poised to try and go the entire split without losing a series. That being said, their games were not as clean as they normally are and I hope they are taking this upcoming series against the Comfy Cartel seriously. Of course, this could also be them utilizing more of their roster and getting some of their subs some playing time, which can be a powerful use of their time if they have a clear strat attached to it. Afterall, if they want to be able to sweep the whole division twice, they will need to not only adapt to the meta as it changes-as well as also adapt to the teams as they evolve and change throughout the split. 


Player To Watch: Bwareme111

There is no denying that this jungler played a pivotal role in securing the series victory last week, and I will be looking to Bewareme111 to be able to effectively do the same thing in order to shut down the Comfy Cartel’s climb in the standings. A lot of time has happened between the first time these two teams have faced off, and I want to see Bwareme111 showcase pressure and dominance from the start in order to ensure that the Cartel’s carries don’t get too beef-cakey and become unstoppable.




First Place: Imperial Ignis (4-1; 13 tournament points)

Imperial Ignis find their first loss of the split, as they go 0-2 against Feed the Nightmare. That being said-this could be the sign of the overall growth in this division. A lot of teams are very close in tournament points, and Imperial Ignis have been very dominant week after week. This is a chance for them to realize that they are, after all, just a bit more mortal than they had thought. Okay-now that we got that out of the way, I want to see them come back this week with the determination to reseat themselves back in the S-Tier when they take on Goon Squad Sigma this week. This is the perfect opportunity to just do what they do best-start off with confident picks that can ensure they have winning leads, and then let their jungler impact teamfights with their teamfight prowess. If it ain’t broke, I am not about to tell them to fix it. And their team comps outside the meta are just stronger than some teams playing the meta-especially when they splash it with a meta champ or two (which I personally hope you do). This will be my game of the week to watch, as it is definitely one that will set the tone for the entire division for rest of the split.


Player To Watch: IMPL PhoenixFire

We already know that this is the game of the week for me, and this will be the player to watch for Imperial Ignis. I love that this jungler is utilizing jungler champions outside the meta that have a direct impact on the game. Now I want to see there be a little bit more focus on drafting around that-making sure that the other team isn’t getting meta picks that can counter them and ensuring that their carries have the tools they need to carry. Afterall, forcing people off their current comfort can be just as powerful for playmaking junglers who will be looking to those lanes to punish that…


First Place: Goon Squad Sigma (4-1; 13 tournament points)

Goon Squad Sigma has another 2-0 sweep against Hyperion Blaze, and I can’t help but shake my head a little. Not at them, of course-at their opponents and the ProDrafts. I mean, still no Blitz ban? Still no Senna ban?! One week is maybe excusable, but giving this team everything they want week after week in order to synergize and terrorize you on the map is…well, awesome. For them, of course. But-it is more than that, and I think teams are starting to notice that. Their games are clean and end quickly, regardless of whether or not they have a scaling composition. Which means they have a team synergy that needs to be respected if it is going to be challenged.  Which makes this week all the more exciting, since they take on Imperial Ignis and have the chance to take the S-Tier spot. Now, I can’t imagine another team tied for first ignoring the meta or pocket picks in the same way, so I will be looking at this team’s synergies and comms in order for them to start strong and finish dominant. I definitely think this is the game of the week for me personally-just sayin…


Players To Watch: BTG

It is time for a new hype train, and this one goes out to BTG. I am loving the vast champion pool, as it makes it incredibly difficult for their opponents to effectively target them. That being said, I am also loving the surprise picks, like Camille. Being able to utilize control mages and scaling carries have always been a staple in competitive play, but being able to pull out picks that BTG can dominate lane with is now a new threat that teams should respect. 


Second Place: Literal Monkeys (5-1; 16 tournament points)

Literal Monkeys is back at winning this week, as they 2-0’d Feed the Dream and solidify their A-Tier spot. With only four weeks left in the split before playoffs, Literal Monkeys isn’t just winning their series, they are all looking good doing it. I am really enjoying their flexible playstyle, being able to put all their players on carry champions or scaling champions-as it will force teams to pay a lot more attention in ProDraft (or suffer losses before they even get onto the Rift). If they can continue to take wins week after week, they can begin preparing to take out their biggest competition within their division. Afterall, if they want to be the best, they have to beat everyone and then beat the best. I do think this team has the capability to do it-now they just gotta put it into motion.


Player To Watch: Questz

 Questz has been secretly making their way onto the stats leaderboard here and there, and currently holds the second highest cs per minute between all the divisions. They also can dominate games with pick champs and scaling comps champs. This makes this player quite difficult to prepare for, because you don’t want to give them a scaling champ that will also run you into the ground during laning phase (ahem, I saw that perfect game as corki), but you also need to not underestimate this player’s power in skirmishes and teamfights. Essentially, I think teams are sleeping in ProDraft if they are not paying attention to previous week comps and only looking at their OP.GG. I hope to see Questz continue to punish that this week.




Third Place: The Comfy Cartel (4-2; 11 tournament points)

The Comfy Cartel continue to climb in the standings, as they come off a 2-0 victory against Subversive Esports. And, I hate and love to be the one to say it: why are teams disrespecting the Comfy Cartels in ProDraft?! When you let their strongest players have their strongest picks, the game becomes a journey into Mount Everest-except with soul stealing, tentacle slapping madness with each and every step you climb. I’m just saying…ProDraft matters. End rant. Okay, Onto what makes this team so exciting to watch as they climb. The Comfy Cartels competing against Oasis Nail and Day Spa is my series of the week to watch for their division-and for good reason. So far, no one has really been able to match the dominance that Oasis Nail and Day Spa has been showcasing. That being said, not many teams have been able to handle the Comfy Cartel. It’ll be an interesting face-off, as these teams have different strategies they want to employ. But, won’t that be the fun of it all…


Player To Watch: BillyWillard

What I love about this player is that they can punish if you you let them have a dominant meta pick, and they can also punish you with their own picks. I am in awe that they have gotten to punish their opponents week after week using their comfort scaling Corki pick alongside their meta Seraphine pick, but I guess if teams won’t respect you-I am more than happy to revel in BillyWillard punishing you for it. Now, I don’t think a team like Oasis Nail Day and Spa is going to overlook these facts, so I am excited to see what BillyWillard can bring to the lane. I have my own personal thoughts on just who might be chosen, and I super hope I am right…


Third Place: Feed the Nightmare (3-2; 11 tournament points)

Feed the Nightmare bounces back with a strong 2-0 performance against Imperial Ignis, and now they find themselves in third place. What this shows me is that they learned from their losses in a way where they can defeat teams that are, in theory, stronger than the team they lost against. I hope this is the catalyst the team needs to start taking more series victories, and they have just the chance to do so this week against Kanto Challengers. Kanto Challengers have been struggling a bit to find their foundational strengths as a team, and this team seems to be riding their strengths towards the top. This is an awesome opportunity for them to showcase the dominance they are capable of, and begin forcing teams in their division to wonder-Are they, in fact, one of (if not) the best teams in the division? Let’s feed Kanto some of those nightmares this week…


Player To Watch: FTDSmegMyHole

Two very strong performances against Imperial Ignis makes FTDSmegMyHole my player to watch this week. It really looks like this carry has found their way to impact mid-to-late game with their scaling champions, but it is pretty clear they know how to win lane and snowball those advantages when with the team. Even in a game that looked like a loss, their Veigar show consistent stats that scaled the way a Veigar destroys leads as they scale. I am interested to see what they will do this week against Kanto Challengers, especially if they surprise us with some of the picks I notice are only a pocket pick away…




Fourth Place: Kanto Challengers (2-3; 9 tournament points)

As the season begins the second half of its split, Kanto Challengers are in need of a mini reset after their 0-2 loss against Oasis Maelstrom. This could be chalked up to Oasis Maelstrom’s roster changes and them not being able to adapt efficiently enough, or could be an accident of underestimating their opponents. That being said, I hope they took the time to review what has happened the past couple weeks in order to turn it around for this week’s series against Feed the Nightmare. They have a chance to knock them down in tier, as well as the standings, and begin securing a playoff spot if they can-which is pretty important in a division so close as this one. There are now only two wins that separate who makes playoffs and who doesn’t, so every week moving forward is going to matter. I want them to forget that they beat Feed the Nightmare the first go around, and instead root themselves into what makes their team strong and utilize that to beat them again.


Player To Watch: North Wolf & Kleio

Whenever a team is in need of redefining their identity, I often think about how important the botlane duo becomes for different reasons. If North Wolf and Kleio can start prioritizing picks that win lane and unlock Kleio’s roaming potential, I think this could be the additional pressure the solo lakers might need instead of picks that scale and rely upon their solo lakers to succeed in order for them to do well mid-late. It is a subtle change, and maybe defies the current meta a bit-but this meta has also shown just how important support carries can be if they are put into a position to carry. That is what I would like to see this coming week when they take on Feed the Nightmare: unleash the wolf and unlock the muse to affect the map.  


Fourth Place: Goon Squad Gamma (2-3; 6 tournament points)

Goon Squad Gamma managed to go 1-2 against Oasis Nail and Day Spa last week, and I am quite hopeful that this is the start of understanding their identity again. Afterall, no other team was able to secure a win in a series against them thus far, and this is an awesome opportunity for them to look at how they did it in order to replicate those strengths in their series against Feed the Dream this week. There is potentially a lot at stake, since they are both tied right now and playoffs are only a few weeks away, and I am hoping their ability to take wins off an undefeated team means they are capable of taking wins against a team in their own tier. Afterall, this means I was somewhat right, ya? That the road to playoffs isn’t easy, but defeating teams higher in the standings is doable. Now they just have to do it again and take the whole series…


Player To Watch: EVO Rakan

Did somebody call a carry? Because EVO Rakan put up some pretty good stats in their win against Oasis, and even had highest gold on their team. I want to see EVO Rakan unlocked a bit more, and I am hoping this means that the team has found someone who they can rally behind in order to keep these wins coming. One win in front of the other-that’s all they need, and this is me putting my chips on EVO Rakan in order to get err done.


Fourth Place: Feed the Dream (2-4; 10 tournament points)

After an 0-2 loss against Literal Monkeys, Feed the Dream is in need of doing just that: feeding their dreams. It might be time for them to take a look within and figure out what it is they want to do moving forward. They are still in the playoff running, and now is the time to start putting some distance between the teams that are too close in tier for comfort. And-what better time to do that then this week? They do take on Goon Squad Gamma, who is also tied with them in the C-Tier and looking to find a way to boost themselves in the standings. They aren’t losing games in ways that make me question they have an identity issue, but they are losing games that look winnable, and then it looks like they don’t know how to bounce back. I hope they took time to relook at game 1 against Literal Monkeys, because I think there is a lot of value they could have gotten from that vod review. What I would love to see from this team this week is clean up their macro in order to ensure that their leads turn into wins. 


Player to Watch: Lily Pog 

I want to see the team ensure Lily Pog gets winning lanes in ProDraft, and then punish the enemy lane opponents in ways that make them not even have a chance to come back in mid/late game. I think there is something to be said for some of the scaling adcs rising in the meta at the moment, but there is also something to be said about putting your more experienced player in a position where they can confidently carry from the beginning. If that is a scaling adc, then I want to see all the love and attention a botlane fiesta loves to have. But-what I’d rather see if dominance from the get go, because we are in Week 6 and the time is now.




Fifth Place: Oasis Maelstrom (1-4; 7 tournaments)

Oasis Maelstrom may have found a new look as they defeated Kanto Challengers 2-0. Whether it is their newest roster addition or a shake up of playstyles (maybe a mixture of both), this new Oasis Maelstrom definitively closed out their series. I am liking the flexibility in their prodraft, as it looks more supportive, and I obviously like the small part of me being right-seeing the promise being harnessed. I hope they take these wins with some confidence as they take onHyperion Blaze this week. This is a chance for them to rise in the tier list, as well as the standings, and begin making a play towards a playoff spot. If their proactiveness in their off time last week was foreshadowing for what is to come for this team, then this could be quite the exciting match to watch.


Player To Watch: Lovebird UwU

It is hard not to put the new bird as the player to watch since this puts Oasis Maelstrom competitively back into the playoff running. It can be challenging for a new player to come in and shoulder that type of responsibility, but it is also just as exciting when they deliver the results that Lovebird UwU did for the team. I also love that each person on the team looked solid on these wins, and I am excited to see if the synergy carries into this week when they face off against Hyperion.


Fifth Place: Hyperion Blaze (1-4; 7 tournament points)

Hyperion Blaze has found themselves a buddy in the D-Tier, and also found another 0-2 loss against Goon Squad Sigma. That being said, they are not alone and the second half of a split could equal opportunity. Opportunity. That is the word I want to use for this team. Right now, there is still a second half of the split, and tournament points are so, so close. That means this team has the opportunity to dig deep into finding their identity, and then give it all they got-one game at a time. And-let’s start with this game against Oasis Maelstrom. What better way to start climbing up in the standings than to take on a team tied in the same tier? It can be hard to find that drive after a couple of losses, but if they can find what works for them before getting into ProDraft, then they can start using those strengths in game. This meta is rewarding to those who understand the identity of their team and the knowhow to execute it. Now they just got to figure out which carries they want to put their resources and strats into, and then give it their all.


Player To Watch: Lunar GeckoWhen I look back at the games, I get confused. Not because Lunar cannot carry, but because the picks for Lunar Gecko don’t really give Lunar the chance to carry. However, when I look back at their season and previous season options, I see an in-depth pool of champions that are just waiting to be played. I want to see Lunar Gecko pull out some pocket picks or punish teams that don’t ban out primo meta champs that Lunar plays. Give Lunar Gecko a chance to do more than just survive midlane-I want to see the chance to affect/impact the map.