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Thoughts of Bduhmana:  Week 8 is upon us, and playoffs are only a couple weeks away. All the more reason to take a moment to express the sheer awesomeness of the teams, whether that be displaying their dominance through their destruction or providing their resilience by persevering through the onslaught. One thing is for sure-these games are bloody each and every week, which makes the next coming weeks all the more important. While a couple have secured their place among the best, there are many teams still battling it out to do the same. And with that, here are this week’s power rankings and players to watch…


Your Gold Ionia/Freljord League Teams:

Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Literal Monkeys

The Comfy Cartel

Goon Squad Gamma

Feed the Dream

Subversive Esports


GoonSquad Sigma

Imperial Ignis

Feed the Nightmare

Oasis Maelstrom

Kanto Challengers

Hyperion Blaze





First Place: Oasis Nails and Day Spa (8-0; 24 tournament points)

There isn’t a team in either Ionia nor Freljord that has come close to being as S-Tier in the power rankings, and this week’s 2-0 against Feed the Dream helps put that last few nails in the coffin. Soon, they might be able to just float their way to the playoffs. I mean, okay-not really because there is another team really close to their heels and a few other strong competitors within their division. I just happen to have a lot of confidence in their ability to close out games with the ease they have, and I really want to see them go undefeated all split. 


Players To Watch: Classy Trux & AintEZBngCheezy

After their combined perfect score as a duo, I got really excited because I knew that meant I would get to make them the players to watch again. What I love about this duo is, well-everything. They dominate in lane, know how to use their leads, and abuse their strength and synergy in almost every single game they have played together this split. I almost wonder if they are also laughing and enjoying their wins while they do it. Whatever their magic is, it isn’t to be taken lightly. I am looking to see them take their much deserved break this week.


First Place: Imperial Ignis (5-2; 17 tournament points)

Imperial Ignis defeated Kanto Challengers 2-0, and they remain one of the top tier teams in their division. Not only are they a top tier team, but they have been proving why other teams need to respect everything about them. They are dominant on their pocket picks, with meta picks, and with a blend of this-and that, I think, is what makes this team so dangerous. If they can play multiple styles, and even blend them to suit their needs-it makes it incredibly difficult to prepare for them in Prodraft. I don’t think they really even lose Prodraft, because they always get what they can confidently use in game. This is important, because they have a chance this week to prove there isn’t another team better than them-not a team tied with them nor the team rising up in the standings and about to play against them. Sometimes shattering dreams are just what winners have to do…


Players To Watch: HowIMetYourTable & I Rïn I

I wanna give a shout out to these players, who always find themselves fed when they sit at the table-I mean, get into the rift. But seriously-this duo have become a consistent carry threat and proven they can take out some of the best botlane duos in the game. This is important, because it can be fiercely competitive at the top of the tier, and they have to be even more dominant to stop the teams trying to claw their ways up there. They are up against a strong botlane duo who is starting to catch their stride, so this is a perfect chance to secure their first place spot and bragging rights of slowing a playoff race.


First Place: Goon Squad Sigma (5-2; 17 tournament points)

Goon Squad Sigma will look to fight for their dominance and secure wins after their 1-2 loss against Oasis Maelstrom. Although they may not be sitting in first place alone, they are still showing why they are at the top of their division. They have strong team comps, they are difficult to ban out in Prodraft (plus, no one respects them in Prodraft, so there is also that), and they consistently keep their leads and know how to close out games. And even though they lost against a team who is showcasing a resurgent fight for a playoff spot, they beat the team that is tied with them for first. I think that means they are officially still the team every other team in Freljord needs to watch out for as playoffs sneak up around the corner. They will get a chance to prove it needs to stay that way this week, as they face off against Feed the Nightmare.


Player To Watch: Physical

I wanted to take a moment to show some love to the topside of this roster. Being able to bounce back after a game 1 loss and ensure that the team had a solo laner that can go even and be reliable in teamfights for the next two games is an adaptable strength for this team. It means that a loss in a series doesn’t equal a shutout. It also means this next time around could equal them taking the series, because each member on this team makes a concerted effort to show up, and I will be looking to Physical use this to punish Feed the Nightmare this week.





Second Place: Literal Monkeys (7-1; 16 tournament points)

Literal Monkeys defeat the Comfy Cartel’s climb up the power rankings, and get to sit comfortably in second place. After securing their playoff spot, this team has a lot of opportunities moving forward. They could also practice new team comps that can help close out games faster, or build upon the foundation they already have. Whatever they want, so long as they continue to showcase their dominance and begin playing every game in preparation to defeat Oasis Nail and Day Spa. That is, afterall, the main goal for a powerful second place team, right? They take on Goon Squad Gamma this week, and my hope is they come out just as strong as they have been in order to continue creating a gap between the top of the tier and the rest of the pack.


Player To Watch: Pacapaul

I love the flexibility of Pacapaul’s champion pool this season, and especially in last week’s games in order to secure the 2 wins after the first lost. Although Pacapaul has been showcasing unique champions that other junglers just aren’t playing in the division, he is also showing he can play these champions and meta-favored champions alike. This makes him versatile enough to have to take notice when drafting, and even more challenging when preparing to compete against him. I am hoping teams respect these picks more and start targeting him more, but I am excited to see what he brings out if they don’t…


Third Place: Feed the Nightmare (4-3; 15 tournament points)

Feed the Nightmare may have gone 0-2 against Hyperion Blaze last week, but they are still sitting in third place within the standings. They are also sitting very close in tournament points to first and fourth. What this tells me is that this division has a competitive opportunity in the coming weeks. As playoffs become more and more tangible, the fight for the finish becomes that much more important. Each game will count for Feed the Nightmare this week this week. As they take on Goon Squad Sigma, they have a chance to potentially be the tope team. Losses can be just as powerful as wins, because losses can harness your potential if you learn from them. It can fuel your fire if you fight even harder after them. They can be the catalyst this Nightmare needs. All they gotta do now is brush themselves off and try again…


Player To Watch: TinyT73 & KillaTron100

I know the meta is shifting, and I don’t want to see them flounder in the sea of choosing those champions. I want them to literally ignore last week’s series, and remember their week before. When they picked comfort picks that beat those champions they played last week. Why play a meta matchup when you can play your best champions and work with the synergy you have? That is what I want to see from this duo-rely on their playmaking and have fun dominating. Give us that A-Tier show I know this duo is capable of…




Third Place: The Comfy Cartel (4-4; 16 tournament points)

The Comfy Cartel took a difficult 1-2 loss against Literal Monkeys, and I still hope they walked away with some confidence for the rest of the split. With them sitting in third place, and taking wins off the second place team, they are showing the rest of their division just how much of a threat they can be. Up until now, there hasn’t really been much (if any) competition against the top tier teams in the division, and the Comfy Cartel keep finding themselves climbing higher and higher in the standings. They may not have officially secured a playoff spot in points yet, but it would be a mistake for any team to underestimate them when they take them on. 


Player To Watch: Rivered & The Bully

When they were good, they were good. And I don’t think that ends just because they didn’t win the series. My eyes will be on this botlane duo this week, because I want to see them use their power and carry potential in and outside of lane. I like when The Bully is put on  a playmaker, and I am looking to see if The Bully can be the playmaker their team needs for this week’s win that could help secure their playoff spot.



Fourth Place: Oasis Maelstrom (3-4; 13 tournaments)

Oasis Maelstrom took a 2-1 in against Goon Squad Sigma, and I am looking forward to them using that win as a momentum builder for this week’s game. This team is showing that they can beat the teams they need in order to remain competitive in order to fight for this playoff spot they currently hold. This is a huge moment for Oasis, as this leverage shows that they do have what it takes to continue to grow from their games while also preparing them for taking on teams that are at the top of the standings.Which is exactly what they will need, since they are taking on Imperial Ignis this week. If they can keep taking wins, they can start turning those into series wins. And what better way to say they deserve this playoff spot then by beating a top tier team to secure it?


Player To Watch: Marian Cross & WinnietheDoom

After taking on one of the best bot lane duos in their division, Marian Cross and WInnietheDoom showed they can not only remain competitive, but they can take leads and close out games against them. That is huge. So huge that I think they can continue this dominance when they take on Imperial Ignis this week. This is the lane that can ensure dragon control, and help snowball leads. I want to see some love and attention given their way-they know how to use it.




Fourth Place: Goon Squad Gamma (3-4; 13 tournament points)

Goon Squad Gamma had a nice little staycation from competing last week, but I hope they are excited and ready for their upcoming series against Literal Monkeys. With them being one point ahead of Feed the Dream, and only a few points behind the Comfy Cartel, their fate is literally in their hands in the next couple of weeks. Although Literal Monkeys have been proving why there is such a big gap in the standings, they have also shown some weaknesses in the previous week. I want to see Goon Squad Gamma come into this week confident and prepared to take on the second place team-if only to try and take a game or two off of them in preparation for the Comfy Cartel. Afterall, this is playoffs they are vying for-nobody said it would be easy. They have already shown how they can win-now they just have to keep winning.


Player To Watch: EVO Sniderman

I have EVO Sniderman as my player to watch as they face off against Literal Monkeys. Literal Monkeys have a strong jungler who isn’t stuck in the confines of meta champions, and I want to see EVO Sniderman prioritize a confident laning phase against that type of player. They don’t have to best them-just be consistent and do what they did against Feed the Dream…



Fifth Place: Hyperion Blaze (2-5; 11 tournament points)

Hyperion Blaze beat Feed the Nightmare 2-0 in last week’s series, and they are finding themselves still tied for fifth. That being said, Hyperion Blaze defeated Feed the Nightmare-who is ahead of them in the tier list, and has a chance to mobilize themselves with this momentum. I want to see a miracle run fight from this team, and I do think they have what it takes. Especially with them taking on the team they are tied with in order to prove it! What more suspense does a ZGG fan need? With these two teams duking it out, one of them has a real chance of sneaking into a playoff spot (especially if Oasis Maelstrom doesn’t defeat Imperial Ignis). There is no time like the present-and everybody likes presents, right? It’s a win-win (literally, they need a win, win) situation.


Player To Watch: TheDenz

I have TheDenz as my player to watch, because it looks like this team has found the perfect team compositions that unlock and empower this jungler. TheDenz did an excellent job game one with dragon control, and also showed they can win games when they need to split dragon control. A jungler who understands their win conditions and can be adaptable during the game is essential when taking on teams within your similar tier, because it means you can rely on your adaptability as a strength. You know your role, and you have proven you can execute it well. No time like the…just kidding. I won’t overpun it.


Fifth Place: Kanto Challengers (2-5; 11 tournament points)

Kanto Challengers took an 0-2 defeat against Imperial Ignis, and they find themselves in a precarious predicament of needing to fight for a playoff spot. They can look to this wee with confidence, also. With them taking wins off higher tier teams, they are proving they have the competitiveness and capability to defeat those teams. If they can find their consistency, then all they need to do is execute it each game this week and secure the chance to sneak into a playoff spot. There is so much riding on tonight’s game, and I want to see them rise up to that challenge. Afterall, I have seen what they are capable of when they have their comfort picks. Now I want to see them execute that type of team comp and consistently win with it. 


Player To Watch: Trajèn

Trajèn showed a few weeks back why they are my player to watch this week. I want to see them bring out champions that are not overpowered in the meta, but overpowered in their hands. Picks like Irelia can force teams to pay attention to pocket picks, or better yet-get punished by pocket picks. Sometimes it isn’t about focusing on what is supposed to win more as much as focusing on how well you can win. I want to see that confidence in this series tonight.


Fifth Place: Feed the Dream (2-6; 12 tournament points)

Feed the Dream took an 0-2 loss against Oasis Nail and Day Spa, but I hope they shake that off and focus on what is ahead of them. They are only one point shy of qualifying for playoffs, and only two weeks are left for them to dig their heels in and fight for a spot. I want to see them fight for that spot-there is only a few points standing in their way. A few points and a team or two. This is exactly the moment they were waiting for-this is their chance to take on the Comfy Cartel and show them their playoff run won’t be comfy this week, because they intend to give it all they got on the rift.


Player to Watch: Solanine

Among the roster swaps and the changes in team comps, I am looking to Solanine to be the consistency this team needs to secure their wins for this week. And isn’t that exactly the type of champions this player plays? If Solanine can be controlled and showcase themselves as a threat in lane and in teamfights, then this team has a strong chance of securing some wins against the Comfy Cartel.