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Thoughts of Bduhmana:  It is time. We are here. Four have arrived, but only two can advance. Now is the time for each team to dig deep into what drives them, because what they unleash this week will be the catalyst for what could create a champion. And to be the greatest, one must learn how to not only be great for oneself but for their team. And that is exactly why these four remain. Each of these teams has done more than shine-they have become the light that they need despite whatever challenges have arrived. For some, that has been proving to the rest that they have always been the best. For others, it is slaying through the whitenoise to be seen. But regardless of whether their fans have believed in them all along or have recently realized they deserve the crown, each of these teams have decisively earned their spot to be here. So, let’s talk about how they can win this week to compete in the Championship Finals…


Your ZGG Gold Semifinal League Teams:

Literal Monkeys

Goon Squad Sigma


Agni Kai

Final Esports


Ionia/Freljord Bracket


Matchup: Literal Monkeys vs. Goon Squad Sigma

How Literal Monkeys Win: Literal Monkeys continue to be heavy favorites in the playoffs, and tonight they have a chance to knock out their strongest competition in order to prove it. What makes this game different than the finals? The different playstyles are about to clash here and now. If Literal Monkeys wants to take their long win streak and stride into finals for their championship, they will first need to pay the toll. I am talking about Goon Squad Sigma ProDraft toll (still). It is so important that Literal Monkeys doesn’t underestimate this team-pay attention to how GSS win game after game, and use then their own playstyle to succeed. by banning smartly.

So how do Literal Monkeys succeed against a team who won’t being playing their game? By forcing them to, of course. What I would love to see is a bit of adaptability in solo lanes in order to ensure that there will be support for PacaPaul to challenge botside control and objectives. So who my eyes will be on this series isn’t PacaPaul, but Wunderworld and Just Bobo. I will even be watching Bastingz and Questz more than PacaPaul. Obviously that doesn’t mean PacaPaul should change his playstyle (please don’t ever do that). They can still play through the jungle and use their tempo, but now is the time to play-control in the botlane will matter. Or maybe they don’t play with that in mind. They can also ignore the other team’s playstyle and just punish them so hard everywhere else that Goon Squad Sigma have to play Literal Monkeys style. Both strategies can absolutely secure them leads and victories. They have used both strategies against teams with a similar playstyle in their own division. Now it is time to just prove they can win their game their way against the team that does it the best out of everyone in all divisions.


How GSS Win: Goon Squad Sigma may not be the favored team in this matchup, but this is probably the series I have personally been waiting for all playoffs (because, yes-I called that GSS would make it this far). Why has Goon Squad Sigma been underestimated by others? Honestly, your guess is never as good as mine because I never underestimated this team. This team has a distinct playstyle that no other team has been able to match. They literally transform games through their playmaking and they know how to use their leads in lane to advance. Now all they have to do is defeat the strongest team in all four divisions and show their soon to be fans why they were the dark horse all along.

Is it possible? Yes. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. Goon Squad Sigma just needs to rely on what they do best while also paying attention to how they can use that to support their teammates when Literal Monkeys tries to run them all over and off the map. My eyes will be on BTG and Physical this game. I already know that the botlane will absolutely destroy, and their jungle has shown they know how to heavily punish with their playstyle. So what will matter most in this matchup is how the solo lanes do. Now is the time for them to hold their lanes and make it impossible for roams and ganks to get Literal Monkeys the leads they normally get. It doesn’t mean they have to play different champions or even a different playstyle. They just need to go into the game understanding what Literal Monkeys want to do and intentionally disrupt it. Disrupt it and they win, because they have already shown their trust and synergy relies on them working together. 


Noxus/Demacia Bracket


Matchup: Agni Kai vs. Final Esports

How Agni Win: Agni Kai comes into Semifinals defiantly beating Airport Speedrun and proving what they knew all along-they are here for the crown. Really, they have always been here for the crown. In regular season they were in second place, and they already beat the favored team on this side of the bracket. Now all they have to do is not underestimate Final Esports and focus on how they win this series. Maybe will a little less chaotic brute force than last week’s matchups, but let’s be honest-they like to punch their way to victory and their opponents seem to like to be hit in the face, so maybe-if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

My win condition for this team is still the same: Rosalinã, Rosalinã, Rosalinã. But now I want to add a dash of SØM. I really want to see SØM on a playmaking top laner, because that just made their win condition so much stronger. With the ability to punish in lane, create strong leads, and then flank and create game changing teamfights-this team won have anything else to worry about. Win in ProDraft by ensuring you get those types of picks for this team, and then everyone else can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Because it is always a ride with this team, and I want to see how heavy the pedal to the metal will be this week.


How Final Win: If Goon Squad Sigma is the dark horse on their side of the bracket, then Final Esports is the Batman for theirs. This team is constantly underestimated, and I think they thrive off it. I know I do. Plus, they are in a perfect position right now to create a huge upset. They already know how Agni Kai wants to win and they don’t have to change a thing about their champion picks in ProDraft or in-game playstyle in order to beat them. They just need to respect that Agni Kai is going to come out trying to brute for themselves the win (because they are clearly quite skilled at ignoring macro and winning their way), but also rely upon their team comps to shut that down.

So the win condition for Final Esports? ProDrafting team comps that are too beefy and bursty for Agni Kai to deal with. I absolutely love it when Final puts Diamandis in his comfort zone and then abuses the jungle/mid synergy, and I love it even more when Bªtman gets to play a champion that can just beef you in the face and no one can run away while that burst damage is going down. There is no reason to adjust their playstyle or the team comps, but I do want to caution them from ignoring Agni Kai’s win conditions. I would love to see them target ban jungle and adc in order to ensure that their jungle can do what he needs to do in order to get their mid ahead without having to stress about a botlane drafting that puts their team even or behind before the game starts. If Final Esports can ensure the picks they need and ban out the picks Agni will use to abuse their mechanical skills, then they can win this series.