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Thoughts of Bduhmana: We are in the final hours before the championship series. Only a few more hours for each team to perfect whatever weaknesses might’ve shored in a best of five. But-for these top tier teams, they are more likely to be using these hours to prepare their game their way. Malcolm Gladwell had this to say about greatness: “Courage is not something that you already have that makes you brave when the tough times start. Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you discover they aren’t so tough after all.”

Each of these teams have proven they have the courage to be better than great. Each one has risen to the top in their own way: one has become the David to any Goliath standing in their path while the other is the Goliath who demolished any Davids that stood in their way. This is about to be one of the most exciting championship series games, because each of these teams have proven they deserve the crown… Yet only one will walk away with it. Only one will get the glory. Only one can say they truly are the best of the best. All of these weeks of preparation and determination comes down to one more best of five series. Will it be the team that no one can stop or the team who has dethroned all those who underestimated them? 


Your ZGG Gold League Teams:

Literal Monkeys

Final Esports


Matchup: Literal Monkeys vs. Final Esports


How Literal Monkeys Win: Literal Monkeys decisively confirmed they are the strongest team out of the Ionia/Freljord divisions with their 3-1 victory over Goon Squad Sigma. What was so fantastic about it was the fact that they beat them their way while also beating them through their opponents strongest win conditions. That level of power and strength is something that needs to be taken seriously in the championship series. This team has only lost three games out of all of their series this entire split. To say they have a precision to the way they destroy you is an understatement, because they leave no traces of how you can beat them. Which is a perfect position to be in going into the championship.

What will make this series so interesting for Literal Monkeys will actually be the fact that they will be playing against a team with a similar playstyle-sure. But more interesting is the fact that this team is basically the giant killer of the Noxus/Demacia divisions. They defeated every opponent that were supposed to beat them, as well as took out the teams that beat them during split. They have proven their adaptability, as well as their capability as a top tier team, so now Literal Monkeys needs to dig even deeper into what makes them great in order to beat a team that has already shown this level of prowess. How? Same way as always, to be honest. There isn’t a reason for them to change their playstyle-let Pacapaul steer the ship, and trust that each teammate will step into the role they need to play in order to defeat their opponents at the playstyle they have perfected. And I love that they don’t even need meta, but can play it in ways that will force respect bans. If they get the meta, then they just punish you in both ways-stronger champion stats in ten mechanically skilled sets of hands. All that is left now is to do it one more time-okay, okay: one best-of-five more time. Afterall, they have been perfecting their game for this very moment…


How Final Win: Final Esports defeated Agnia Kai 3-1 and have proven they are the best of the best out of the Noxus/Demacia divisions. What’s more definitive than that? The fact that they did it with their sub and starter rosters in a way that looked scary game one. We already knew this team has one of the strongest junglers in all of the divisions, so facing off against the team with the other strongest jungler in the divisions was an exciting thing to hope for as a fan for either team. This series gets to showcase what this team is capable of in a best of five, and they just proved they are more flexible than imagined. And that isn’t even what makes this team so good-it’s just a bonus that will need to be factored into preparing for the team.

What makes them so good is that they know how to create win conditions, and they effectively prepare for each team they have competed against by prioritizing their win conditions. They just need to ensure Bªtman has the freedom to do what he will need to do against a jungler that has a very similar playstyle. It will come down to who can play it better, but what is exciting about Final Esports chances is that they can play through heavy teamfight playstyles and out muscle them. They have shown in the previous best of five that they know how to win from ahead in such a fashion that the other team can’t even get back into the game. They also adapted to playing from behind and ensuring their win in the final game of the series. That means they know how to win when the pressure is on the line, and they will execute it (and whoever stands in their way). And what better way to prove just how strong they have become through all the grit and the perseverance throughout the split than to take down a team that has been deemed unstoppable. It would feel good to work this hard and be able to walk away with the crown knowing they earned it…